Thursday, February 04, 2010

Down goes Duke and other links

The BC women hit another high point in an uneven season by upsetting Duke Thursday night. Congrats to them. It was the first time we've beaten then since joining the ACC.

Syracuse fans are excited to have BC back on the schedule.

The Boston media is paying attention to Pete Carmichael, Jr.

Jamie Silva will be surrounded by BC folks in Miami.

Here are some additional recruiting links:

HD talked to recruiting coordinator Mike Siravo.

Pierre Louis is one of the keystones of this class.

Jaryd Rudolph thinks he might move to the defensive side of the ball.

Spaz placed a premium on character in this year's class.

Sean Sylvia's extra year of high school paid off.


Dan said...

Nice job Atl.

Brian Dale said...

Glad to see that Coach Spaz brags about character in this year's class, but yet brings in a dumbass like Sylvia...boy do I miss the Coach Jags days.

Gorgias said...

BD, is it Jag's honesty and integrity that you miss? NOT

mark richt blows said...

Mr Dale -- I see you are smashed-faced georgia bulldoggie. Stay south and don't talk out of your georgia arse here.

Big Jack Krack said...

Congratulations to the women - grat win over Duke. How about this, boys? The Eagles finished the game 20-for-21 from the free throw line.

I thought this team would be very good this year, and have been puzzled about the results so far. Maybe this signals a great run coming down the stretch.

"You go girls"

CT said...

Gotta recruit in ACC territory more often. We're in Big 10/Big East territory. Recruit the south. Better talent. Might get a playmaker at WR or CB one of these days.

mod10aeagle said...

I don't know squat about Sean Sylvia's character, but his film is pretty impressive. Check out his nose for the ball and tackling and tell me who he reminds you of.

mod34b said...

CT a quiz.

What state is a state that BC actively and successfully recruits in and also produced:

a) Georgia's best running back in the last 20 years?
b) USC's best wide receiver in the last 20 years
c) BC's best WR receiver recruit in the past 20 years?
d) the best blueberries in America
e) one of BC's only 5 star recruits

Hint 1: It's in ACC country, on the northern side.

Hint 2, pleae roll first, click second

CT said...

At least your new linking skillzz aren't annoying.
C--who knows
D--who cares
E--so what

F--don't scroll, just read. Don't miss the point. If I wanted to hear 'wicked' more often, I'd live in Boston. If you want to win more than 8 or 9 games in a southern league, you pluck from the south. I'm sure you'll argue. Doesn't matter.

Erik said...

Duke game tomorrow. No talk/hype on this outlet.

Wonder if the poser students will come out for it? Wonder if attendence gets low enough that Gene D realizes he can't hold the fan base hostage with this game and pork us every other opportunity and expect support.

It is sold out, so we'll see what the energy is.

mod34b said...

CT, an unusal boutof flawed logic from you.

Note the parallel construction of these two sentences:

1. If you want to win more than 8 or 9 games in a southern league, you pluck from the south

2. If you want to win more than 90 or 95 games in a National League, you pluck from the Nation [i.e. USA]

Both statements are untrue. Good players come from all over the nation and the planet.

mod34b said...


mod34b said...
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Erik said...

Hockey team looks solid out in Amherst. Its all about maintaing momentum now.

downtown_resident said...

Did anyone follow the link to the Syracuse story? The Orangefans want to start a rivalry with BC, complete with a hoops game the night before the football matchup. Bring it on, I say, we owe them some major payback for 11/27/2004.

CT said...

Mod, wrt your last sentence-true. The best ones are down south, however. Word up.

Did Boeheim bad-mouth us when we left the Big East? Thought he did. Could be wrong. Maybe by that time their football team will have Trajan Langdon at QB.