Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good interviews and other links

BCI interviewed Mike McLaughlin. He talks about Jags and getting ready for the NFL.

BC Draft interviewed Troy Bell. Bell has some interesting thoughts on European basketball vs the NBA.

Former Eagle Daye Kaba is on the move again. He is leaving Marist early for European basketball.

As expected, Gene promoted from within to fill Paquette's duties.

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mod34b said...

McLaughlin makes an interesting comparison between Spaz and Jags -- kind of a turtle vs rabbit comparison; steady-state vs energy man.

Too bad Jags was not a little more grounded and principled, he'd still be here. Sounsd like -- reading between the lines -- McL thinks that Spaz is not a great motivator, and not coach who inspires kids to be more than they are -- which seems to be the case in many games last year (Clemson, VTech, ND)

"Spaziani brings a real straight-forward and blue-collar mentality. You know exactly what’s going on all the time. Be on time, stuff like that.

With Coach Jagodzinski, I think just energy. He was great. .... with Coach Jagodzinski, it was his energy and just how he got you ready for a football game week in and week out. You could say he had a little more fun. He brought a little different aspect to the table, a little more fun and a little more energy.