Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paquette leaving for Loyola and other links

Jim Paquette, one of BC's key athletic fundraisers, is leaving the Heights to become the AD at Loyola. While this might be under the radar for many BC fans, this is a big deal. Paquette and Gene's other fund raisers have been a critical part of BC's success and now Gene will have to find a replacement who can bring in big dollars in a down economy. It will be interesting if Gene promotes from within or brings in an outsider. Speaking of revenue, this article lists the revenue of most of the major Athletic Departments.

Four BC football players made the All-ACC Academic Football Team. Congrats to the guys and keep up the good work.

Mike McLaughlin is getting ready for the Combine. In this Q&A he credits Coach Loscalzo for a real change in attitude around the program.

This article with Kuechly is a few days old, but he shares some of his likes and dislikes and talks about his freshmen year and playing with Herzy next year.

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Erik said...

Anyone have insight when the equipment room guys are going to start their equipment sale? It was running at the spring game last year, but I think that was toward the end of the sale.