Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Signing Day eve and other links

Wednesday is National Signing Day and we will finally meet Spaz's first full recruiting class. Look for a variety of analysis on our class, the ACC and New England recruiting. BC will also have their usual PR and profiles on the incoming recruits. Once everything is settled, I'll give my thoughts on the incoming guys.

In the later discussion on this roundtable, one of the Rivals guys already labels BC's class a disappointment.

These guys think Rettig will challenge Shinskie for the starting position. All the practices have been "informal" so far, but there is very good word of mouth on Rettig so far. Let's hope his back doesn't act up.

Tennant and McClaughlin were the only BC players invited to the NFL Combine.

Jim Noel's brother will go to Maryland if he can eventually qualify.

BC keeps talking to Matt Ryan's cousin.


CHI_Eagle said...

anyone else just a little surprised to see no love for Gunnell from the NFL? I know about all of his shortcomings, but a guy that was that productive in college, and played so impressively against USC (remember him blowing past that "fast" USC secondary?) should at least get a look from somebody???

Eagle in Brighton said...

Per Rivals: the entire class has signed LOI, with the exception of Tahj Kimble. Any word?

ObserverCollege said...

Spaziani didn't fill his allotment, so why would Kimble sign before seeing what happens with Florida State? It's not like Spaziani is going to give away his scholarship.

As for Spaz, it would be great for him to see Kimble jilt BC. He'd get all sorts of fawning press sympathy for a kid breaking his word, after the whole Jagodzinski thing last year. It would also reset expectations by setting up BC as a team that just can't compete against the Florida States and Notre Dames for talent. Of course, it would hurt BC, but not everything can be a win-win-win.

eagleboston said...

What a surprise, Rivals is disappointed in the BC recruiting class. Here is how they ranked past BC recruits:

Marcellus Bowman **
Rich Gunnell ***
Mike McLaughlin ***
Matt Tennant ***
B.J. Raji **
Jamie Silva **
Matt Ryan ***
Jo-Lonn Dunbar ***
Anthony Costanzo **
DeLeon Gause **
Mark Herzlich ***
Montel Harris **
Luke Kuechley ***

I would argue every one of the above is a 5-star football player but Rivals ranked none higher than 3 stars. Rivals, why don't you wait at least 3 years before making a judgement on this class as your track record with BC has been horrible!

Erik said...

I think Observer College got a job at ESPN. There is a poll posted:

What do you care most about in college football
- Signing Day
- Spring Game
- Tell me when Fall is here

mod34b said...

Good points Eagleboston.

We did ok, I think. Not great, but decent. We got a stud QB, a stud WR and a stud LB. key positions. No bad at'll

While we are #9 in ACC, the difference is that we got only 2 **** recruits and the better ranked teams got 4 or more **** players. (The major SEC, PAC10, Big 12 programs attracted about 15 **** and about 2***** per year) No ACC team except FSU and NCSU got any *****

1. Rival #10 Florida State 2***** 8**** 14*** avg 3.50
2. Rival #17 Clemson 9 **** 13 *** avg 3.35
3. Rival #22 Virginia Tech 6**** 15*** avg 3.29
4. Rival #24 Miami 6**** 18*** avg 3.07
5. Rival #30 North Carolina 4**** 16*** avg 3.14
6. Rival #34 N.C. State 1***** 4**** 9*** avg 3.05
7. Rival #37 Maryland 4**** 15*** 3.10
8. Rival #43 Georgia Tech 5**** 11**** avg 3.17
9. Rival #46 Boston College 2**** 14*** avg 2.86
10. Rival #66 Virginia 1**** 12*** 2.78 392
11. Rival #68 Wake Forest total 1**** 12 **** 2.74
12. Rival #71 Duke 10*** avg 2.50

We did much better than similarly situated North East Programs in Big East.


19 West Virginia
33 Pittsburgh
51 Louisville
59 Cincinnati
63 Rutgers
78 Syracuse
83 Connecticut

BCNorCal07 said...

All 21 signed, according to ESPN. I'm hoping we can grab a couple more defensive players, especially linemen. A DT like Alton Bailey out of FL would be nice.

Danny Boy said...

Another fun look at the sham that is the recruiting rankings from a guy who does his research: http://thearenablog.net/2010/02/03/silliness-of-recruiting/

mod34b said...

I love this new LB recruit's name: Steele Devitto. Good pedigree too. Capt of Don Bosco, Toal's high school and a power house football program

mod34b said...

I just looked at scouts.. according to them Steele is a 4-star recruit and our best recruit along with Seth Bettancourt, a big boy OL (6-6 290)

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