Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Baseball and Basketball comments post

We've got a busy night with the rare two major sport double header. First the baseball team holds its annual exhibition against the Red Sox down in Florida. That game will be on NESN.

Later, the basketball team closes out its home slate with Virginia. The game is on ESPN U.

Leave your comments below during the game(s). I will have my thoughts later tonight.


Erik said...

LOL @ no comments. Oy.

Will say this.

Comcast Center & Terps fans were everything Conte isn't.

Good win Eagles. Proud they're still fighting.

Walter said...

Just for the sake of commenting, I guess:

I actually will stand up for Conte Forum this year for basketball. I'm a senior and if I had to rank attendance, at least student attendance, it would go:
Freshman Year (Jared Dudley and Crew)
This Year
Junior Year
Sophomore Year (that terrible team).

Even though students didn't really get to games early, there were a good few with full student sections. It was really poor planning for "Senior Night" to be the Wednesday during spring break, but, what are you going to do?

So I'll take the general criticism against our fanbase, but we've actually been on an upswing since sophomore year.

Also, I don't think there's anything that really needs to be said about this team that hasn't been said. They need to win the ACC tournament. I think they have a much better shot than their record would indicate (and I like Duke losing tonight as a sign of their weakness). But we all know it's an outside shot. This team should have been better than last year's and they're not. Blah blah blah.

WI_Eagle said...

I've said this before, but if it was not for the two conference games that we literally GAVE away (@VTech, home vs. FSU), we would be 8-7 with a very winnable game @NC State to finish 9-7 and squarely on the bubble. Last year a 9-7 record got us a 7 seed. I realize this year is different with a worse non-conference profile and no real high profile wins, but I still think we would be in the last 4 in/last 4 out conversation. In both of the aforementioned losses we had a lead/tie, with possession, and under a minute left. Really maddening when you think about it.