Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doc Saturday on BC

He's pretty fair and hits on most of what we will discuss this offseason: scoring more and the upside of the defense.


S. Andon said...

Should we be disappointed that we're so predictable? Or, should we be happy that we're a pretty good football team year in and year out, at least until another Matty Ice comes around?

John said...

We should be happy that we can win 8 games in a very down year - and that we can almost count on 8-9 wins every year accept those when we have some exceptional players for 10 wins or even 11.

I think what we might see in the future is BC going after some studs on the defensive line to really round out the D.

Pressure on the quarterback will put us in the BCS Bowl.

eagleboston said...

I think Saturday was right on. Very accurate assessment. Now we can wait for all of the dire "BC will finish in 5th place in the Atlantic" predictions from the real football "experts." Or, perhaps they have been burned enough by BC's string of "surprising" seasons?

Galvin said...

I will be worried when they start picking us to win the division. I like flying under the radar. Gives the team extra motivation.

John is absolutely right though, we need to get pressure on the QB's. Let's hope that Dillon Quinn kid will be a factor, he's a monster physically.

John said...

Galvin - I'm wondering if Conor Neal from Florida might blossom into a real good partner for Dillon Quinn. He wasn't red-shirted, and got some playing time on the interior defensive line - pretty good accomplishment for a true Freshman.

If we can get a good rotation going, with fresh players giving their all (no injuries, please) - we could be something. Albright/Holloway, Scafe/Neal, Ramsey/Quinn, Newman/Edebali/Momah? - etc.

Maybe they should move Claiborne back to the DL.He is a load and a half, another Raji?