Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Touting Twitter

With the lull before BC's run to the Frozen Four, I thought it was time to promote Twitter again. If you aren't on it, you are missing out. The service is like getting the ultimate custom RSS feed sprinkled with micro-blogging. Here are some of the more prominent or interesting BC Twitter accounts. Hope you enjoy.

BC Coaches and Players

-- Brady Heslip
-- Mo Cassara
-- Mark Herzlich

BC Guys in the media

-- The 700 Level
-- Kevin Armstrong
-- Luke Russert

Official BC Accounts

-- BC Athletics
-- BC Chronicle
-- The Heights
-- BC (the official feed)
-- BC Alumni

BC Friendly Media
-- Andy Katz
-- Heather Dinich

BC Blogs
-- BC Draft
-- Eagle Campus Blog
-- BC Interruption
-- ATLeagle (me)


BCMike said...

Agreed...great for in-game commenting especially. Here's another:


CTone said...

Adding Jared Dudley to the list:

Erik said...
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Erik said...

I know many of you are sick of seeing him on the BC commercials during every game, but John Gallaugher posts good stuff if you're at all into high-tech, web 2.0, and ecommerce.


Craig Smith: http://twitter.com/Csmeezy5

Others on there who post but nothing related to BC are Louis Hinnant, Tyrese Rice, John Oates.

CHI_Eagle said...

John Oates? seriously.

Ry said...

as a former hinnant and rice follower, my recommendation would be "don't waste your time" unless you are REALLY interested in every single thought that goes through their heads.

love 'em both, but not enough to hear about how they cook their eggs.

America said...

How is Heather Dinich friendly? She's part of the anti BC ESPN crowd.

Erik said...

Ry - don't forget the plethora of N-bombs

Erik said...

Two late observations from Spring Depth Chart because I'm bored:

Quigley ahead of Freese in the place kicking duties. This position battle is pretty important but flies under the radar.

Also, Keuchly is our backup long snapper. He must be taking notes from McLaughlin about the importance of showing you can do more than one thing when it comes time for NFL try-outs. Great plan, Luke.

mod34b said...

erik -- you seem to be in the know about BC Spring football.

Do you know what has become of the the Mighty Quinn? (4-star red-shirted recruit Dillon Quinn, DL)

mod34b said...
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John said...

Mod34B - re: Dillon Quinn - think Jose Canseco.

He won't be available till October at the earliest per Claver2010 a couple of days ago.

BCguy said...

Dudley is great, and Heslip sounds like a great kid, always talking about how he needs to work harder and get better. Hopefully his attitude rubs off on the rest of the team.

ATL_eagle said...

I don't know anything about the Quinn rumor. I don't really trust it though because I think BC would have made some sort of statement. I believe he is still in good standing.

Erik said...

I don't know any more than what is available on the internet, which is all speculation.

I agree with ATL to give him the benefit of the doubt.