Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 National Champions

We've bounced coaches recently because they didn't sell their programs or weren't loyal enough. When searching for replacements, everyone from Gene on down longed for a high energy, Xs and Os guy who would represent BC with class. What we should have said is that we want the hoops or football version of Jerry York. Tonight York added another chapter to his already impressive career by leading BC to a 5-0 win over Wisconsin. The win sealed BC's fourth national championship and gave York his third title while coaching his alma mater.

The game itself was a bit anti-climatic. After a tight 1st period, BC broke open in the second and never looked back.

I can't claim to be as emotionally invested in hockey as I am in other sports. But I am emotionally invested in Boston College, so I go to bed filled with pride about what these guys accomplished today. They have worked hard as a team. They've done it the right way and now are the best. That is what 'ever to excel' is all about. Congrats again. We are BC! Let's Go Eagles!


Ry said...

Correction atl, it was 1-0 after the first, they didn't open it up until the third.

No matter though, this team was amazing this year and was a perfect testament to everything Jerry York has come to stand for. He's earned his statue on the heights...even more than Flutie.

Dan said...

Suck it Parker!!

Maybe we can have the B-Line signs changed to say "Boston College - National Champs"

Anfield10 said...

Agreed with Ry - BC didn't open it up in the 2nd, it was still only 1-0 heading into the 3rd period

As ATL mentioned he isn't too emotionally invested in hockey and can still appreciate this and be proud. I have been terribly invested since I arrived at BC in 2003, and while I missed out on a championship in my time there, have continued to be totally invested in this team. This was absolutely fantastic! I never would have thought when I was at Fenway in Jan that I would watch such domination come March/April.

Coach York deserves a statue at the Heights. I would hope it is built sooner rather than later. I know Flutie may have meant more in terms of national exposure, but in terms of success, class, dignity and excellence, few coaches in the country, in ANY sport, have achieved what York has. Especially at his alma mater. A true legend!

And now, assuming no undergrads go pro, we lose only 4 players from a truly fantastic team. GO EAGLES!!!!!

Nick P. said...

Congrats to Jerry and all the players, especially the seniors who remarkably won over 100 games in their 4 years.

This was a great job of coaching by York, but an even better job recruiting. This years success is due in large part to the success of the freshman class. It was arguably the best freshman class ever,and if not the best since 2001.

Go Eagles! Hockey East is definitely the best conference right now.

BCDisco said...

I admit I am also not that into hockey, but I would fully support (and even donate to the cause of) a Jerry York statue. He embodies everything that makes BC such a great institution. As Gene once said, "He's the best hockey coach on the planet." Congrats to coach York and the hockey team. Go BC!

lbkjj said...

Hockey has been, is and will be BC's best sport consistently. As the Globe said. we are the Duke and UNC of hockey.
I also believe it's the best spectator sport there is.
Congratulations to Coach York and the players. Two dominant wins over top ranked competitors.

whitey_b said...

Another BC alum who is SO proud of this group and its leader Jerry York. He does explempify the best of the Boston College community and experience.

Well Done!!!

CT said...

What an awesome program.

Watching this game in an Atlanta bar filled with people who wouldn't know college hockey unless it was shaped like a football and played between the hedges, I was beaming with pride as the seconds ticked away. Just unbelievable.

National Champions...BC!

Thanks Coach York!

Nebby A said...

Congrats to the expected, York had the boys ready to go and they continued to out grit, out skate, and out execute the competition. Well done to Muse as well...what a gamer he is.

What a class act York is...the scary thought is next year's recruiting class is really strong as well, anchored by two local kids...kevin hayes and cody ferreio...let the good times roll.

Bleeding Sports said...

Hockey is the only sport that matters at BC. Their football and basketball teams are a joke and are on par with mid-majors. Stop worrying about teams that will never amount to anything

Unknown said...

The best part was playing pong with alums in the mods last night

neenan said...

"The game itself was a bit anti-climatic. After a tight 1st period, BC broke open in the second and never looked back. " wrong. very wrong.

Hey ATL if you are going to report on the NCAA hockey championship, and you don't bother to watch the game, at least look at the box score and a few news reports before you post nonsense. It's bad enough we can't get much campus or media attention for an NCAA championship, but when the best BC sport blog just mails it in without the slightest care for accuracy, well that sucks.

it's embarrassing

I think we have come to expect a little better from you.

BCNorCal07 said...

Didn't get to watch the game until this morning. Thank god for the DVR. Awesome performance by Muse and a great coaching job by coach York. The man is just an incredible coach. How lucky is BC hockey to have had Snooks Kelley and Jerry York?! Absolutely fantastic game and a dominating performance with the game on the line in the third period. WE ARE BC!

eagleinexile said...

Canada Eagle,

Maybe all that speaking French and snorting Maple syrup for breakfast has gone to your head, eh?

This was the first honest to goodness mistake I have seen on this blog in 5 years, and it was a small one, to boot. He certainly does not deserve your criticism.

ATL takes time away from friends and family to give us a free and unbelievable product and forum. So, Grizzly Adams, unless you want to spend your last few "loonies" setting up a blog, how about you have a cup o' coffee and ease up on the syrup.

neenan said...

exile eagle.. thanks for trying to reduce Canada to a stereotype. dumb comments

eagleinexile said...


Oh, grow up, take a joke and grow some thick skin. You would think with all the time you spend above the arctic circle that would not be a problem? Ha, Ha.

Seriously, if you want to throw spears (like you did at ATL), then be prepared to take the heat. Think about what you're doing. You're giving a tongue lashing to a guy who works his ass off to provide you, me and every other BC fan a FREE SERVICE. Now I realize you are used to getting things for free North of the Border, but here in America "free" is hard to come by.

The mistake was already addressed (politely, I might add) in previous posts, so what was your intent, exactly? To crap on ATL?

Bravo, well done, the day after the Title, the first thing you think to say is "You suck, ATL".

Let us know when you would like to sit at the big kids table.


Harry Collins said...

Is Canada in Michigan or Minnesota? I know it's somewhere in the Midwest. Steve Nash is from Canada I think.

Galvin said...

hahaha I agree Exile! Take it easy CanadaEagle, ATL made an innocent mistake, it ain't that big a deal.

Blame Canada
It seems that everything's gone wrong
Since Canada came along
Blame Canada, Blame Canada!
They're not even a real country anyway

Full Disclosure: I did have a great time in Montreal once

Eagle in Brighton said...

Great day to be an Eagle.

mod10aeagle said...

It was the quintessential Yorkian run to the finals. The boys deserved to celebrate with family, friends, and fans after the game. Unfortunately, our AD, who's just not that into Eagle hockey, chose to save a few bucks on hotel rooms and had them fly home last night right after the game. According to a player parent, they went straight from Ford Field to the airport. Nice and classy, the way Gene likes it.

Anyone know if the football team flew home immediately after their crappy bowl game?

blist said...

Wow, that's a surprise about the flight. You have to assume part of GDF's marching orders are to make sure at worst the athletic dept is a wash, not a cost center. Maybe part of his pay is a percentage of dept profits, like an Editor in Chief of a magazine? I have no idea, just speculating.

Regardless, awesome game, really great to see the guys physical right at the start, as if they were telling Wisc. we could win at their game. It was at BC I really got into hockey, and they rarely let me down

neenan said...

Eagle en exil vous êtes un sot et un bigot

neenan said...

tout est dit et fait, en vérité, l'Amérique sait très peu sur le sport, y compris le hockey, et les bases du journalisme

smappy said...

Canada Eagle, you're an asswipe - pardon my french.

neenan said...

et ta mère lingettes mon cul

mod10aeagle said...

Les stéréotypes de l'Amérique sont aussi faux que les stéréotypes du Canada.

neenan said...

vrai, en effet un truisme, mais je ne suis pas offrir les stéréotypes. Je vous offre la vérité.

mod10aeagle said...

L'ignorance est un choix que vous n'avez pas à faire, mais que vous faites. Bonne chance.

neenan said...

votre français est atroce. Vous êtes un inculte bofoon

Benjamin said...

Hahaha, I love how this has descended into a battle of French insults over an awesome blog.

Great job by Coach York and our boys to bring home a National Championship. While it may not be as widely known as a football or basketball, there's still a great respect for BC Hockey with those who follow college hockey. And it feels good to be the top dog there.

On a football, this weekend's scrimmage gave some hope for next season. Kuechly looked awesome, Shinskie looked better, and we've got a lot of good looking QB's to boot. The D-line has some rising stars. Is it too early to get excited about next season?

eagleinexile said...


Nicely done. I'll have to log CE's calling me bigot in French as first in my life.

Full disclosure: I love skiing Whistler and would buy a place there if I could save enough "loonies".

The flight back the night of the game thing is tricky. When I was at the Heights, it was standard practice to fly back after the game if it was feasible (crappy bowls on the Left coast may not have been able). The FB team usually had a chartered plane from USAir, and they would fly back right after road games. Charters are not always a great deal. Airlines like to get their planes back ASAP, and it would definitely be cheaper to come back on a Saturday as opposed to Sunday. So it may have been an Air problem instead of hotel rooms. Also, after big games (like ND '93), the team was brought back to eager fans waiting at Alumni Field in a huge rally of support. Not sure if there was something similar waiting for the Pucksters at Kelley rink.

mod10aeagle said...

All I know is that one parent of a BC player was not happy about it and seemed to think that it was consistent with the general lack of respect the program gets from the AD. The feeling was, "if it's not football or basketball, it doesn't rate". Nevertheless, you raise a valid point.

In any event, I don't want to spend another second thinking about it - wish I hadn't even mentioned it.

And finally, few things are funnier than getting insulted in French. Of course, it's just a prelude to surrender negotiations.

Go Eagles!

neenan said...

Vous êtes des idiots parce que je ne parle pas vraiment français. J'ai simplement utilisé le traducteur de Google. Typique diplômés BC - gullibale et facilement dupe je ne suis pas Canadien, il suffit d'un étudiant de ressources. Donc, ne vous-même enfant que soemone qui parle français vous a offensé. La prochaine chose que vous savez que vous parler de pomme frites liberté

mod10aeagle said...

Ass clown. What do you think I was using?

Darius said...

Yes, York deserves a statue. But I have no doubt he would abhor such recognition. And that's part and parcel of what makes him one of the great coaches in BC history--or in hockey history in general.

He *will* get his statue eventually. I hope it's been commissioned already, so it will be ready. Because I hope it's presented to him and the BC community as a whole on the day he retires, the day he coaches his last game. And I really, really hope that day is a long way off. I want him to pass Mason. I want him to hit 1000. And I want him to please, for the love of all that is BC, outlast Gene D. at the Heights. I do not think I could handle him hiring York's replacement.

Also, just a formal thank you to Bill for running this blog over the years. I too am a thousand miles(+) from Boston, and when I get online to check out what's going on with BC, this is the first bookmarked site I click into. Before the message boards. Before the mainstream media. Before the school's own site. Because the information here is as up to date and accurate as anywhere else, especially given the Boston papers' propensity for grinding axes.

I know you get nothing for your efforts--it's just a straight labor (or labour) of love--and the work you put into it is even more fantastic given that context. It's tougher to build something than it is to knock it down, and I credit you for being on the right side of that equation. You're a BC guy all the way.

neenan said...

Mod10a 你燃燒的屁股洞。你是完全愚弄,你以為我是法國 Canandien你傻驢