Sunday, April 11, 2010

Donahue's staff and other links

Here are more on Donahue's three assistants. Still no word on his Director of Basketball operations.

The Chronicle has an official recap of the championship.

Jasmine Gill is leaving the women's program and headed to James Madison.

BC is getting in early on some Florida prospects.


Erik said...

Re-posting Mod's quote from the other day:

"I don't think there is a team that we've seen that can stick with our team for three periods," said Wisconsin defenseman Brendan Smith. "I think we just wear and tear and we send three maybe four lines that can (match) their [BC’s] top line."

Great call Brendan Smith. Great call. Congrats Eagles. What a dominating March & April! Well deserved.

Erik said...

ATL - where did you hear that BC/Holy Cross are playing in basketball again? Was there an announcement? Weblink, or word of mouth?


BC Eagle74 Fort Worth said...

For the KOSS--First on Coach Stevie D! --King of Southern Sports.

Here is the Football scrimmage report from EA and I heard that Coach Stevie D has reached out to Jay Murphy. Remember, Jay Murphy still has a younger son, Alex Murphy, who is highly regarded as well. Get back on the board soon!

BC Eagle74 Fort Worth said...

That notebook Jerry York writes during the game must be the Holy Grail of Hockey wisdom on thought and mental notes JY is taking about preparation and things he see about his players for improvement.

What a genius!

JY will probably schedule Wisconi again early next year as Frozen Four preparation on the road.

KOSS --you need to get BC to erecet a 100,000 statute of JY!

Great photos and content here.


Eagle in Brighton said...

According to one metric, BC is the 6th most underrated footballprogram of the last 20 years.

Some familiar faces check in as the #1, #5, and #6 most overrated...

mod34b said...

Interesting post EagleBrighton. a little too wonkinsh for football analysis, but good too see that stats show Miami (and as you point out ND and Clemson) is consistently overrated too.

Here is an interesting list of team that are better assessed than BC rank wise Number closer to "0" means preseason closer to an actual rank after season. (maybe b/c the are all consistently pretty sucky))

Army: 1
Bowling Green: 3
Central Michigan: 3
Rutgers: 4
Wyoming: 4
Fresno State: 5
Toledo: 5
Hawaii: 10
Southern Miss: 11
Marshall: 11
Air Force: 14
Colorado State: 15
Miami (OH): 16
Maryland: 17
East Carolina: 17
Tulane: 19

Boston College: 48

eagleboston said...

It's scary how similar the Iowa and BC programs are. Both run pro-style offenses, rely on tough defenses, recruit underrated kids and coach them up, and prefer a smash-mouth running game. Since it is unlikely they will ever play I would hope Spaz would reach out to their coaching staff and get some pointers on how to shutdown the Georgia Tech triple option.

By the way, BC should stick with the pro-style offense. Let everyone else run the spread. We will have our pick of great QB's that want to play in a pro-style offense to have a better chance at making the NFL. Look at all of the Tebow questions about him taking snaps under center. Arguably the greatest college player ever is having trouble getting the NFL to believe in him. Had he operated in a pro-style system, he would most likely be the #1 QB taken.

Ry said...

apparently they retired jerry york's jersey #17 at the rally today. so only his and emma's #16 are officially retired. no one has worn #3 since mottau left, so that will most likely be retired at some point as well.

i think we can all agree that this was a good move on the part of DF and the athletic association

Anfield10 said...


If that is true, what an incredibly classy move by BC and without doubt the correct one and well deserved. We need to recognize this guy somehow, and not after he leaves or something. He is a legend now, he should know how much the school appreciates him not just for what he does but how he does it and what he means to the school.

On an unrelated note, I am excited to start hearing football news filter through. Without hockey, I need something else BC to focus on. Any news on Herzy and how he is doing? Is he fully participating yet or will he be soon?

BCDoubleEagle said...

Yes, they retired #17 tonight by unfurling a banner from the roof of O'Neill Library (along with the new 2010 champs banner). The rally was great. Good turnout of students and alumni. The Mayor of Newton (a BC grad) declared today BC Hockey Day in Newton.

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