Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Football recruiting picking up steam and other links

It was a slow spring on the recruiting front, but things are finally starting to build for Spaz and Co. Ohio DE Brian Mihalik is the latest prospect to verbal to BC. He's pretty tall so he'll need to fill out a bit, but the football runs in his family. Mihalik also plays in a strong conference so he's been tested. Seems like a very good fit for BC.

Charlie Davies is keeping his hopes up but the World Cup seems like a long shot at best.

Here is one of many 2011 NFL Draft previews that has Castonzo going in the first round.

ESPNBoston is doing a nice job covering the Mass high school prospects.

Jon Loyte and Brian Toal are getting new tryouts with the Giants.

The baseball team's hot streak continued as they beat Quinnipiac 6-1.

Women's Lax team member Jessie Coffield was also part of the hockey player-T accident.

EDSBS thinks the ACC might be opportunistic during this latest round of conference shuffling.

Tampa released Chris Hovan. I assume he wants to keep playing and will sign on with another team.

Now that spring practices are over, the pundits are making their predictions on next season.

Sean Flaherty is another walk-on to scholarship success story at BC. Spaz should uses these guys as examples when recruiting "preferred walk-ons."

This flew under the radar, but possible BC recruit Stevie Weatherford was arrested last month for burglary and grand theft. He was not charged but it does raise red flags.


Matt said...

good year to not play UNC with 4 defensive players projected in the first round, and one more on the 'just missed' list.

Erik said...

I can't believe we still haven't beaten them. Only team.

mod34b said...

Nice puff piece on Herzy, the "Ultimate Warrior"

The Weatherford kid is former FSU QB Drew's brother. Must have a screw loose.

Erik -- I am also glad we don't play UNC this year. If you add the two UNC defensive players just drafted to the 5 you note, that means we played against a defense with 7 NFL calibre players. Had we not blown the opening UNC drive, Shin didn't fumble for 6 and other dumb errors, we could have beat them too. Our O-Line pushed that great D arround a bit too -- Harris has had almost 6 yards a carry and 132 yards against one of the best D's in the country.

mod34b said...

oops, Matt, not Erik.