Friday, April 16, 2010

Katz on Donahue and other links

Many wondered how Andy Katz's coverage of BC would change after Skinner was fired. At the time I predicted Andy would still give BC special coverage. Andy's relationship with BC predates his work at ESPN. He can't say it, but I bet a lie detector test would prove he is a BC fan. So here is his first feature on Donahue and I think it is solid. It also includes quotes from his top assistant Joe Jones. But mention the importance of recruiting but don't seem concerned about the transfers or about the incoming class potentially bailing. We'll see how it plays out.

The baseball team will hopefully build off of the momentum of this win over Wake.

Tennant's hometown paper views him as the second best center in the draft.

Jags selected Dejuan Tribble in the UFL expansion draft.

Rakim's high school coach tried to shed more light on Sanders' decision to transfer.


Brian Dale said...

Out of curiosity, can you elaborate on Katz's relationship with BC?

blist said...

Katz was raised in the remote backwoods of North Carolina with his mother, never having met anyone else. Due to his isolation Katz never learned proper English, only a mangled form. It was BC sociology professor Jerome Lovell who helped Katz adjust to a healthy, social life in Newton before going on to college in North Carolina, but never daring to return to the woods again.
Others say he's a perfectly fine Newton kid whose dad teaches at BC Law. Who knows where the truth lies?

Erik said...

It would be great to see Donohue replace Coach John Gallagher with BC MIS Professor John Gallaugher.

"I'm John Gallaugher, and I Coach, at Boston College"

Or someone who has ever had a conversation with the BABC and other local AAU teams.

mod34b said...

Sanders was pushed out too

per article:

"Reports have surfaced saying Sanders sat down with new coach Steve Donahue – a course of action Hart {sander's high school coach] said he encouraged his former player to do – with the two reaching an understanding it would be best for both parties for the player to move on."

I am sure there is more to the story, but it is troubling if Donahue, a brand new coach, wants to dump a senior. Maybe he let Sanders know he would see far less playing time and Sanders didn't like that.

mod34b said...

bad nugget from the Katz article:

"Signed recruits Kevin Noreen, a 6-10 center out of Minnesota, and 6-9 Papa Samba Ndao out of Florida are unlikely to attend now that Skinner is out. "

modest34b said...

Two Spring football updates: April 10 Scrimmage and April 17 Scrimmage

modest34b said...

Shinskie looks to be holding on to his QB spot. New names to watch are Redshirts froshs at RB, Sterlin Phifer and kicker Nate Freese, who are both looking good

mod34b said...

Per globe , Noreen askEd for release from bc