Friday, April 23, 2010

The other BC guys in the NFL Draft

I only highlighted Matt Tennant in my draft previews, because in all likely hood, he will be the only Eagle drafted this year. McLaughlin was invited to the combine, but most expect him to be a very late pick or a free agent. Some team may take a flyer on Gunnell or Bowman, but they are also expected to go the free agent route. A few other names are also in the mix (Rollins, Aponavicious, etc) but all are well under the radar. Here is my quick take on each...

Mike McLauglin:
Great Junior Year. Good size and instincts, and football IQ. It is a big plus that he is willing to play special teams. The big downside was his injury. He was not the same player as a Senior. He was a step slower and didn't show the sort of athleticism that saw him leaping over blockers in 2008. He came back quickly so we don't know if he was ever fully healed. What is his upside? I don't think anyone knows. If the 2008 McLaughlin is his upside, than he will be a very good NFL player. If he cannot regain that form, then it might be the UFL.
Prediction: Free Agent

Rich Gunnell:
Very productive receiver. Underrated speed and hands. Decent Size. Played well in big games and contributed on special teams. Played well despite mediocre QB talent his final two years. Rich's downside is that he does everything well but is not great at one thing. Despite his performance against USC, he does have a history of running away from people. He'll go over the middle, but isn't big. He was a return man who was quick to fair catch. I think Rich will be a good NFL player. If he gets in the right program, he could have a surprising career. But I don't think anyone will draft him. To most scouts and GMs he is pretty ordinary.
Prediction: Free Agent

Marcellus Bowman:
Ideal size and speed for an NFL safety. Head hunting hitter. Not great in coverage. Late bloomer with only one season as a starter. Would sometime rather go for the kill shot instead of the smart play or solid tackle. Decent workout but didn't blow anyone away to move up draft boards. I like Bowman and know that he will get invited to NFL camps. I just wonder if he will ever have the coverage skills or instincts to make an NFL roster.
Prediction: Undrafted, mini camp invitee, late roster cut.

Roderick Rollins:
Probably had the least talked about great season on last year's team. Good coverage. Good tackler. Good playing history. The problem are all measurables. To most NFL folks he is too small and too slow. I hope he is given a chance as I think his productivity and success could translate to the next level.
Prediction: Undrafted, mini camp invitee, late roster cut.


Erik said...

BC hockey doing the Fenway thing tonight.

Unknown said...

These predictions are too harsh on a few guys.

You can nearly bank on the fact that McLaughlin gets drafted late. He certainly should, with his versatility as a long snapper and his very strong pro day times.

What you don't know is that Rollins ran a 4.48 forty at his second pro day at UT-Arlington, and also ran strong 3Cone and SS times there. Good chance he is a PFA signing. 6'0 192 is also a decent size for a CB.

Also too harsh on Bowman - he should be a PFA, with not much of a problem, and should make a 53 man roster as long as he chooses his team wisely.

modest34b said...

Free Agent signings

Rich Gunnell- Kansas City
Mike McLaughlin- Baltimore
Marcellus Bowman- Denver


Unknown said...

I just missed on Mac, so I guess I Was wrong!

Rollins will try out with the Bears and then a second team the next weekend, if the Bears don't sign him.

Razzie Smith will be in Saints camp a tryout.

Unknown said...

Rossi to Detroit mini camp.