Monday, April 26, 2010

Pics from the Spring Game

Another wonderful spring day for the Spring Game. Unfortunately local fans still don't turn out. If you have kids, you are missing out since this is a great way to introduce them to BC football at no cost and autographs are easy to get. Thanks to Tom F. for sending along these two pictures. If others took shots, feel free to email them to me.


mod34b said...

From today's Heights -- Shinskie still presumptive starter:

Shinskie led the Eagles to six wins last year when he started, and according to head coach Frank Spaziani, “that counts for something.”

“Dave is the incumbent,” Spaziani said. “Now he’s gotta move forward.”

Spaziani also said that none of the quarterbacks did anything to hurt or help their spot on the depth chart.

“No, not really,” Spaziani said. “We’ll look at the film and adjust, but they just confirmed what we thought of all of them. We’ve got some good prospects there.”

Spaziani stressed that nothing was set in stone as far as the depth chart goes, and that the competition will continue right up until the Eagles’ first game next fall.

“We’ve got 40 more practices, so it’s gonna take a lot more,” Spaziani said. “Dave has done a tremendous job for us, and that can’t be minimized. So he’s gotta build on it, and the other guys have to catch him. We feel good about the quarterbacks where we’re at, so we’ll see.”

blist said...

Give Shinskie some credit - it did pretty good last year. Get rid of his brain lock, and maybe we're two games better - but, start him those games instead of Tuggle and maybe we're also a game better last year.
What i saw of Marsco last year, the kid has a lot of potential.

anyone go to the spring game with kids? Is there enough to entertain young kids there?