Monday, May 10, 2010

ACC Meeting news and other links

The the pending TV deal(s) look like they will be the major news coming out of the ACC meetings. My guess is that there will not be an ACC network. I also doubt we will align with one provider like the SEC did with ESPN. Instead, I predict the ACC deal will have renewal arrangements with ABC/ESPN, CBS (for basketball), Raycom and Fox. The money will grow, but not be enough to end expansion talks. Speaking of is on everyone's mind (including Gene's) yet no one at the ACC has any definitive solution or statement. It is all wait and see. Since all the players are dancing around the issue, I think the ACC remains vulnerable. Until the conference announces a new partnership plan which includes huge departure penalties, every school is a flight risk. Ugh, I know in the long run BC will be okay, I just don't want to see us in the ACC/Big East leftovers conference.

Donahue has interest in Arizona PG Jahii Carson. I am glad to see us working the 2011 targets, but we still need a flyer or two for the 2010 class! We are still waiting on the official word from Kevin Noreen.


A33Jim said...

From Twitter:


BREAKING NEWS!! Myself and JMZ will be on PTI talk show tomorrow...JMZ is goin NATIONAL lol..Can't wait to talk with my man WIlbon..LET'S GO

Clifford said...

Good lord, did you see the Carson highlights on youtube. If we somehow landed him, I don't care if I start at center for next year.

Erik said...

"a skilled big man who can face the basket and shoot from the perimeter."

Good to see our string of big white guys who want to shoot from outside tradition continues!
Mickey Curley
Brian Ross
Nate Doornekamp
John Oates (& Darryl Hall)
Joe Trapani*
Kevin Noreen**
Dennis Clifford

* - Not that he's a big man, but we have no bigs so he plays out of position
** - If he comes to BC

Kevin said...

The best case for the ACC in expansion this go around is not to lose any teams (a big if). We've always made fun of the Big East's 16 team basketball conglomerate but that was born of necessity. I know it's TV dollars driving this but at some point a 14 team conf. is at least 2 teams too many and probably closer to 5. In the ACC we already don't play a # of teams more than once every 3 years. How can you be considered to be in the same conf. as someone if you play them less than that?

neenan said...

erik -- sad to see a BC grad so obsessed with the race of players and so willing to buy into and promote racial stereotypes. you, erik, are an ignorant loser, if not worse.

Erik said...

Thanks for your support! God bless the USA.

Galvin said...

Blame Canada, with all their beady little eyes, and flapping heads so full of lies

P.S. I actually like Canada, that's just a jackass comment to make (like the one above)

Bravesbill said...

Glad to see the race card pulled, by a Canadian no less. Has Hope n' Change permeated that far in North America already? Just wave the white flag high when you get demolished (verbally speaking of course).

neenan said...

Mr. Bill -- Erik is the one trafficking in racial stereotypes, not moi.

After he shares his thoughts on large white players, will pea-brained Erik then share his thoughts on large black players, or small hispanique players?

vous êtes tous les porcs insupportable fascisit américain

Galvin said...

Canada Eagle is a troll with a standard online dictionary/ translation website, we should ignore the troll much like we ignore Canada's opinions on anything other than maple syrup or wayne gretzky

neenan said...

I am not a troll Galvin, much as you would like to believe. I am sure you can find some of my old posts.

It is funny that you and Bravesbill and Erik see the work "Canada" in my name and you start making stupid assumptions. Thank God I did not use the word "France" or "China" -- that really would have set you all off on a slur holiday. You are all embarassments to the name Boston College. For shame.

Oui, je utiliser le service de traduction. J'ai besoin de le faire parce que je ne suis pas français. Mais cela vaut mieux que vous RAS. Galvin et Erik, vous trous du cul complètement embarrasisng qui sont très faciles à tromper

Andrew said...

USA Soccer roster is out- no Charlie Davies

EagleEye2002 said...

Yea, I am really bummed about Davies. He worked so hard to recover. He is young though and can still definitely make it in 2014. Alejandro Bedoya is on the 30 man roster though. That's great news for him. I was hoping to have two BC guys on the squad.

Ry said...

no stereotyping was done by erik. the fact of the matter is that all the guys he listed are in fact:
1. big
2. white
3: inclined to shoot from the perimeter.

Dan said...

The only way to fix this is a beer summit. LeBatt's of course.

chicagofire1871 said...

I have a hard time imagining that Bedoya will make the final-23. Time will tell

eagleboston said...

How about those Canadiens?