Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hoosiers at the Heights and other links

As rumored, BC will host Indiana for this year's ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Indiana is still rebuilding but it is always nice to see a traditional power at Conte. This game will come on the heels of the Old Spice Challenge in Orlando at Thanksgiving. We should know a lot about this team after that stretch. (I know I said the same thing last year and was wrong...)

The ACC meetings closed without a resolution on the TV deal. I know Fox has real interest in getting in on ACC football, however, I think the ACC worries about a potential lack of presence on ESPN and what that would mean for the brand.

CFN produced another solid season preview of the team. It also includes depth charts, Offensive Scouting and Defensive Scouting.


Dan said...

ACC, SEC & Big10 should forget all the crazy scenarios and just agree to equally dismantle the Big East.

ACC - Cuse and Rutgers
Big10 - WVU, Pitt, Cincy
SEC - USF and Louisville
UCONN - Go F yourself

End result,
Big10 gets their tourney Everyone's got 14
Uconn starves
BE is put out of it's misery

matthew2 said...

what would happen to the big east as a basketball conference? What about ND, Nova, Georgetown, Marquette... etc.

Dan said...

There's enough core teams that don't have strong football teams to still remain in existence as a B-ball only conference.

Rob said...

Thanks for the CFN preview. Nice to see an indepth breakdown.

Curious about the disconnect between the defensive write up that states that Dillon Quinn is penciled in as a starter, versus the depth chart that doesn't even have him on the two deep. I don't see Scafe on the two deep either, so I assume this is related to an injury for both?

I had heard Quinn was progressing slowly, and was currently very inconsistent, so was surprised by that starter label.

Patrick said...

"We should know alot" about the basketball team in about one month, when we see whether it will include 5 walk-ons.

CT said...

What, you're not looking forward to, "Jackson to Sully for three...ooh, airball." Or "Trapani to Danny O'Keefe from Southy...over the backboard."

Our McDonald's All-Americans will literally be McDonald's employees.

I like Dan's plan for UConn. Although I'm partial to Pitt to strengthen the league...I wonder what's happening with that UConn bball investigation. I held on to all nearby laptops as I typed that.

Claver2010 said...

I think we did know a lot about the team in the time before 1st semester exams.

They were 6-4 (1-0). They had a 1 point win over a crappy ACC team at home and had some of the Al Skinner specials against St. Joes & Harvard

Anonymous said...


mod34b said...

Rob -- I was curious about the depth chart too. It turns out CFN just used the depth chart Spaz put out at the start of spring practice. So the depth chart is dated and not really reliable.

I think CFN nailed the issue for BC by focusing on our DL. Nice to hear this kid Hollaway is emerging. I hope Quinn becomes a player. So far, he seems like a guy who need to get his act together.

I think if Shinskie can gain some confidence and be serviceable passing -- short stuff -- and the D-line emerges, we do have a shot at the ACCCG. Montel and his O-line are really among the best in the ACC and our LBs and DBs are very good too.

Rob said...

Thanks Mod. That makes more sense, well Quinn coming into his own would be great news. Spaz is really hitting the DLs hard in recruiting this year it seems, but it'd be nice to have some upper classmen come along.