Saturday, May 29, 2010

Will Noreen ever make up his mind and other links

Buried in this Notes column from the Twin Cities is an update on Kevin Noreen:
Mr. Basketball Minnesota Kevin Noreen of Minnesota Transitions has one recruiting visit left and is contemplating Washington or Oregon. Arkansas, Northwestern, Providence and Boston College remain in the hunt for the 6-foot-10 1/2, 232-pounder. The Gophers have shown cursory interest.

If he were still considering BC, wouldn't he have ended his world tour by now? Also, his collection of potential programs is varied with no real theme or tie. It is too bad he doesn't realize that Donahue's system is perfect for him.

BC seemingly has a high percentage of talent returning...most of the offensive skill players, LBs, etc. Yet using Phil Steele's calculations we are behind most DIA programs.

Congrats to Senior Rower Laura Petty who was named to the All-New England Region first team.

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neenan said...

The strange case of Kevin Noreen indeed.

1st go round nobody recruited him except BC.

He becomes Mr Basketball in Minnesota and the world beats a path to his door. Even Roy Williams of UNC flirts with him. Noreen loves the adoration.

But the one big school in his home state -- U of Minnesota -- shows little interest.

I think Noreen is pining for the Gophers and it is not to be.

Here is my wild guess -- he's an academically talented kid but just a decent NCAA prospect, and he wants to now play against Minnesota to show them they were wrong: he goes to Northwestern.