Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things still uncertain in our old home

The surprising thing about the conference shuffle is that you didn't see many posts or articles calling for BC to rejoin the Big East. The "BC back to the Big East" meme is a favorite of the old timers in the media and the spitballing Big East bloggers. This time around everyone assumed the Big East was going to collapse, so BC moving back wasn't even relevant. And it now appears that BC is in a stable, protected conference at least until the next TV contract. Our old conference, the Big East, remains in turmoil. Here is an excellent State of the Conference from USF bloggers Voodoo Five (HT BCI). I feel sorry for Pitt, Syracuse and even Rutgers. They were all poised for bigger and better things and now are back in conference purgatory. The ACC is not perfect, but it's home.


blist said...

You have to think to the expanded penalties for leaving the BE is on the mind of all the basketball schools - no way they let the football schools out without a big payday.

eagleboston said...

I can't imagine how anyone could think the Big East was a better situation than the ACC. The national attention since the move has been huge and the most telling stat is TV exposure. I hardly ever saw BC games when they were in the Big East. I can now see nearly every game. And if I can see them, that means much of the rest of the country can see them and most importantly, more recruits can see BC in action.

Now if we can just get the local alumni off their asses and create a real college football environment at that crypt they call Alumni.

Dan said...

Countdown to kickoff clock?

JoeyFenn said...

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