Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 1 of the ACC Media Kickoff

First a tweet from Bruce Feldman that captured the day:
I doubt any school has two more impressive spokesmen than BC does w cancer survivor Mark Herzlich and Rhodes Schl candidate Anthony Costanzo

HD wrapped up the events. When people weren't talking about Herzy they were talking about the agent mess at UNC.

The Herald their coverage Sunday night. The Globe is taking there time forgetting that they have a blog they can use before things go to print.) The Herald also noted Castonzo's weight gain. did an admirable job covering the events and getting atmosphere shots.

The players have to tell the same stories over and over again, but every once in a while someone will uncover something new like the Herzlich brothers bowling with Clemson's Jacoby Ford.

Here are the players -- including Herzy -- making names for themselves this year. While Castonzo is one of many ACC players expected to be a 1st round draft pick.

This flikr album has a good mix of posed and candid shots. A shot of Mark and Anthony.

Maryland's Alex Wujciak was asked about his brother committing to BC.

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