Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick Taylor update and other links

As promised, here is my Eagle Insider story on Travis Taylor. Basketball wise this is not big deal. Campus politics wise it is huge. Let's hope everyone gets on the same page so this doesn't happen with future recruits.

[WARNING BLATANT SCOUT.COM PIMPING AHEAD] Eagle Insider will have premium recruiting articles of our own soon, but if you like recruiting, you might want to sign up now because you can gain access to the network's content. Right now we have updates on the following BC targets:
-- Richard Rodgers
-- Patrick Flavin
-- Leonte Carroo
-- Chase Hounshell

HD has been putting together "key stretches" for each ACC team. Here is BC's version.

Mike Gambino has eyed the BC baseball job for a long time.

Preston Murphy is back at URI as an assistant.

The Blackhawks traded former Eagle Marty Reasoner to Florida.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Erik said...

陳水卉陳水卉 is dead on, but 楊儀卉 has his head up his @ss and doesn't know what he's talking about.

Anyway, the Jon Depina & Elton Tyler denial had a pretty negative impact on BC recruiting for a few years. But in this case it could be spun differently. The staff could answer any recruits questions saying that "we wanted to protect guys like you and our other players to be sure your teammates that you rely upon were going to be available come time for a big game and there wouldn't be any unexpected issues", something like that but more diplomatic and articulate.

BCMike said...

Good call, Erik. 陳水卉陳水卉 has been posting on BCDraft recently as well. He often makes some very astute points.

Erik said...

Must be a college football Guru.

Dan said...

Right, he makes excellent points like "Nervous player make for great Tight End"

Unknown said...

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