Thursday, July 08, 2010

TV deal update and other links

The ACC finalized its TV deal with ESPN. People are making a big deal of it being the first true multisport contract. That is certainly important, but football still drives the dollars. There is also still little detail on what percentage of programming will be broadcast vs online. I hope the ACC secured a few key slots on Thursday and Saturday nights.

Some basketball players visited a local children's hospital. The real news in the link is confirmation that the new freshmen Coton and Rubin are on campus and already hanging with the team.

The freshmen got their numbers. The roster still needs weights and some class updates.

Tom Condon is challenging the public record of Jeremy Trueblood's arrest.

Our newest OLine commitment is a late bloomer, but seems like a good project.

When writing about the NBA summer league, BC guy Andrew Sharp uses Tyrese Rice as an example of a someone using the league to showcase his NBA level talent.

Here are the Vineyard Vine shots from campus. Couldn't they find actual BC students to do the modeling?

Here is a bio on incoming baseball player Tom Bourdon. I wish we all knew who would be coaching him next year.

This is not sports, but it is a great story involving a young BC alum.


conlonc said...

"Maryland University" student? --- double ugh.

Erik said...

No one was available from the University of Kansas.

BCDisco said...

Great story on David Bowen. When I saw him listed on Rivals as a commit, I was wondering if we'd see any news stories on him.

Also, can anyone here explain how the double numbering works on the roster? Is it just that two players with the same number can't be on the field at the same time?

Erik said...

BC always has walk-ons and scrubs on the sideline with same numbers as players on the field. But as long as they're not on the field together it is okay.

A real example is USC had two star players both wear #10:
QB John David Booty
LB Brian Cushing

Was okay on different sides of the ball.

EasyRider said...

Dude, KU girls have the best legs in the world. One of the few benefits of having a large, hilly campus

mod10aeagle said...

I can remember when the Naked I Cabaret in the combat zone advertised its "college co-eds", but I don't remember being disappointed that none of them were BC girls. On the other hand, I am shocked and chagrined to see Vineyard Vines' mislead its customers so blatantly and that BC would play a key role in the deception. If their clothing has to be pinned up like that to look good on models in the catalog, what's it going to look like on consumers?

SaturdaysOnShea said...

I mean, in all seriousness, they could've just walked around campus taking pictures on any day of the week during the school year and it would've made a Vineyard Vines catalogue. On a completely separate note, I used to row with one of the male models.

eagleboston said...

The roster includes a lot of walk-ons. I think Spaz really encourages players to come out, which is smart as you never know who the late bloomers are that may someday be starters (example, Mike Morrissey).

mod34b said...

I see Momah is number 3 and listed as a WR, not a DE.

Does this mean the experiment to convert Momah to DE has failed? Or Is this just a re-publishing of last year's list with new frosh added and thus not neccessarily meaningful as to Momah?