Friday, August 20, 2010

Big tie for women's soccer and other links

How often does a top 10 team start their season as a home underdog? That's what happened to the women's soccer team as they took on No. 2 Stanford on Friday night. The Eagles came away with a hard-fought tie.

Football Outsiders is digging deeper into college football analytics and like our chances in 2010.

CT linebacker Graham Stewart is the latest addition to the recruiting class. On his page you can see his junior year highlights.

Oline recruit Pat Flavin had a good time at Cal yet still has very good things to say about BC. It doesn't sound like he is any closer to a decision.


Groundhog said...

One of the Graham Stewart highlights on youtube is him landing a crippling late hit on an opposing QB. I like this guy already.

Eagle in Brighton said...

If that's true, awesome news regarding Graham Stewart. Kid looks like an absolute stud. This class is really developing some quality and depth on the defensive side of the ball (DL and LB). Sean Duggan (aka Luke Kuechly 2.0) would just be icing on the cake.

Dan said...

Icing on the cake would be wooing Albert Louis-Jean to switch from Miami to us.

Nick P. said...

Frickin ESPN Insider. Can someone post the story in the comments or email it to me?