Sunday, August 22, 2010

Larmond 'done' and other links

I tweeted the rumors last night but according to Colin Larmond Jr's own Facebook status, he is "Out for da season...". This could be premature since I was also told he will get a second opinion and Spaz remains evasive on the topic. Regardless, he showed up at Sunday's scrimmage walking with crutches while wearing a thigh-to-ankle brace. Fortunately for Colin, he is still eligible for a redshirt. As for the team, it is a serious blow. The only other position where we are more dependent upon one player is probably Harris at running back. Larmond is our only WR with significant experience and he is our best deep threat. Let's hope some of the unproven guys see this as an opportunity and step up to fill the void. Because of the depth issues, I think you'll see a few true freshmen WRs play this fall.

As for what actually happened at the scrimmage, Adam Rose was at it again with his coverage at WZBC. The Heights and both had coverage too. The consensus seems to be the QBs and kicking both look solid. Because Marscovetra has played well, I expect he will get multiple series in the Weber State and Kent State games. Beyond that will depend on how he and Shinskie are playing.

Because he is not practicing, Herzy's return for Weber State is also looking less likely. I still have a gut feeling he'll be on the field. I don't think any rust or problems with the game plan will be an issue. Plus, if Spaz sits a healthy Herzy because he didn't practice enough, he would be on a national "hot seat." I say keep the faith.

Here is's first interview with new commit Graham Stewart.

Colin Thompson raved about his visit to BC.


惠邱邱邱邱雯 said...
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ccw said...

So, Spaz is going to let Herzlich play despite health concerns b/c he's concerned that the national media wants him to play?

I don't think so.

Plus, everyone needs work. Lack of contact for over a year is tough for a linebacker. You glibbly dismiss this. Don't understand that at all.

Dan said...

Ugh, was really looking forward to seeing Larmond this year.

As for Herzlich, it would be nice to see him get a few reps during the first two games to at least get him used to hitting again and make sure there is nothing majorly wrong. Then with the early bye week he'd have a full two weeks to get into the VT game plan. Probably shouldn't start but he could at least play a role.

ATL_eagle said...


I probably didn't phrase it correctly. My point is that if Mark gets clearance from the doctors, he should be on the field for Weber State. Not every down but at least one or two series. He knows the scheme. Contact is a question mark, but it would be in his first game regardless of how much practice he had. Also, I just meant that Spaz would look like a wet blanket if he didn't allow a healthy Herzy to get on the field during an assumed blow out.

Anonymous said...
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Lenny Sienko said...

I do wish everyone would stop overlooking Weber State. They have a veteran coach using a sophisticated passing offense, run by an experienced quarterback.

Admittedly, they only had a 7-5 record last season; but we will need to generate a pass rush and have excellent pass coverage, two aspects of the defense that are not always evident in opening games.

Think Appalachian State and Michigan and you'll understand what I'm worried about.

I don't expect any difficulties; but never, ever take any opponent lightly. You do so at your own risk.