Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last scrimmage and other links

BC played its final scrimmage. The big takeaway is that the QBs are pretty even. Despite the parity it still looks like Shinskie's job. My guess is that they will both play against Weber State and Kent State. From there it will be Shinskie's job until/if he starts regressing again.

The other news -- first reported by WZBC -- was that Herzy might practice this weekend. If he is on the field this Saturday, he will likely play in the home opener.

Gene gave Christopher Iacoi and David Ayer internal promotions.

HD is now on the BC under the radar bandwagon. She is wrong though about an undefeated BC team getting left out of the National Championship. The Harris and coaches poll voters would be enough to over come any sort of computer poll issue. The only way we don't get in is if there are multiple undefeated teams.

Future Eagle Christian Suntrup is considered one of the top pro-style passers in the country.

NJ WR Anthony Gaffney loves BC. It sounds like he would commit if offered.

Castonzo is a nominee for the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award.

Cherilus is fighting to hold onto his starting position in Detroit.

Weber State is ready for the opener and doesn't seem bothered by all the hype surrounding BC's opener and Herzy's return.


BCMike said...

I liked the contradictory quotes from the Weber State Assistant:

"We’re right on time; we’re right where we want to be."

followed by

...we’re far from where we want to be.”


Eagle in Brighton said...

Here's hoping we don't end up in the Sun Bowl...

blist said...

Seems like the start of this year could be a repeat of last year with thew QB competition going into the regular season. Obviously haven't seen Marsco or Shinskie in action this summer, but I am impressed by Marscovetra's accuracy. Anyone know if there's a reapon - like Shinskie is getting more low percentage long routes to throw and/or Marsco is doing more dump-offs?

mod34b said...

Blist good point. Hopefully they are working on Shinskie's weaknesses -- e.g. threading the needle at 20-30 yards in traffic -- and that is why he has ugly stats from the last scrimmage.

It may also be that they are building Marsco's confidence with easier routes. Who knows.

One nice stat: I don't see many pics by Shinkie -- another weakness. But he also was shut down in the redzone. Hope he is not being to tentative.

On to something else: kicking. Seems like Freese is a big improvement over Apo. He has hit the cross bar several times from distances of ~50 yards. This suggests his limit is a 50 yarder -- not bad, but not great either. His comfort zone seems to end at about 45-47 yards. Translated onto the gridiron, means he is comfortable with field goals inside the 30 yard line. Pretty good for college, I guess.

Galvin said...

I will be happy when we can comfortably kick a 40 yard FG without me on the edge of my couch, spilling beer all over myself because I'm so nervous it's going to shank left. I do hope Spaz makes his decision early (and makes the right move) so as not to have so much uncertainty swirling about. Due to his game experience from last year, I just don't see Shinksie getting replaced immediately.

Scott said...

Freese has more than enough leg to kick past 50, but he has to speed up his approach to get the extra juice, which makes him less accurate. His normal, even paced swing is pretty damn accurate to 49 and below. That's fine with me, and I'm glad to know we have maybe a 50/50 shot if we are over 50 yards.