Sunday, August 01, 2010

New position preview and other links

Here is my write up on the running backs on Eagle Insider. There will be more this week and some interviews and recruiting updates.

Scout also has new on potential BC target Dexter Bridge.

Shinskie is an afterthought in this article on ACC QBs.


Dan said...

We still havent gotten our "Fresh Faces" post from HD yet. Any guesses on who she puts vs. what people on here think?

Erik said...


She'll put:
Kevin Pierre-Louis
Jonathan Coleman

Should be
Kevin Pierre-Louis
Dillon Quinn
Nate Freese (maybe)
Shakim Phillips
Sterlin Phifer

Big Jack Krack said...

It's now August and I'm getting jittery - let's go BC.

On offense, speaking of Shakim Phillips, I'm curious who will break into the starting lineup by the Virginia Tech game. Waiting for ATL's write up.

It's probably Billy Flutie backed up by Donte Elliott on one side and Colin Larmond Jr backed up by Clyde Lee on the other. We have others "knocking on the door" - Coleman and Phillips for sure - and Lindsey and Hughes (might play D) are no slouchers either.

I personally wouldn't mind seeing Momah at 6'6" on the must make first down catch, but we might need him on the D.

Wide Receivers

Jonathan Coleman RSF 6’4” 218
Donte Elliott SO 6’0” 197
Billy Flutie SR 6’2” 194
Hampton Hughes SO 6’3” 203
Colin Larmond Jr. JR 6’3” 200
Clyde Lee SO 6’0” 191
Ryan Lindsey SR 5’8” 168
Ifeanyi Momah SR (?) 6’6” 228
Shakim Phillips FR 6’2” 195
others will probably be on the scout team this year.

Erik said...

Jack, based on what I saw in the spring game, I'd expect Clyde Lee but also they'll look to Ryan Lindsay.... unless they focus on developing the youth instead of using Lindsay.

Billy Flutie saw a lot of action, but that happened in the 2009 Spring Game as well, so I'm not counting on him getting a lot of snaps.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks Erik - I appreciate it.