Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Position preview: quarterbacks

My latest preview is up over on Eagle Insider. The good news is that I am feeling better about Dave Shinskie than I ever have. While I didn't get into too much speculation and gossip in the Scout.com piece, there was a real worry around the program that Shinskie might crash and burn. Now it seems like he's found his sea legs, knows what he has to do and is ready. If his play matures too, we could be in for a special year. Plus, everyone also likes Marscovetra. BC is almost in a can't lose position (now I've jinxed us).


mod34b said...

ATL -- Good overview of the QBs.

My favorite Shinskie pass last year -- and the one that made me think he really had talent -- was against Wake when Shinskie perfectly floated in a ball to a WR on a wheel route who was in between two defenders, one ahead, and one behind. (Hope I have not confused plays here).

It was a perfect throw with a perfect touch. There were, of course, lots of bad plays to counterbalance the good plays (think UNC).

Let's hope for more good passes, and less drops of catchable balls by receivers (too much of that last year, particularly by oily-fingers Larmond)

As for Shinskie's arm strength, people do talk about that, but I have never been of the view that Shinskie's passes have anything more than ordinary zip on them. In other words, he does not seem to have great arm strength, just average arm strength.

Sure, he can throw a decent long ball, but his 20 or so yards passes do not seem to be bullets. Those passes seem to lack zip (maybe b/c he is tentative at times) and tend to float.

I am I right about that? does anyone think he has an Elway-esque cannon?

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with you, Mod about Shinskie's arm strength - perhaps better than average, certainly no cannon.

Last year it often appeared (Larmond) as though his receivers were too fast for him. Hopefully he has some of that rectified this year. When a receiver breaks free and the QB can't lead him, it has to be frustrating.