Sunday, August 29, 2010

Schedule for kickoff week

Kickoff week is finally here! BC football is now just days away. I am looking forward to blogging another season but want to give you the heads up on how this week will work.

Over the next few days I will finish up posting the position previews on Eagle Insider. BC Mike and Wesley will also have their Keys to the Game at Eagle Insider. I will have a new piece on Eagle Insider on Friday called: Friday Focus. On Gameday Dan Silver will be hosting a live chat from the press box on Eagle Insider.

Over here on Eagle in Atlanta, I will be posting the normal links and what not. I will also be posting my three different versions of how I think the season will play out. Thursday will still be the day for the game preview.

Saturday there will be a comments blog post here (I am too superstitious not to have one). But I encourage most of you to try out the Eagle Insider boards on game day. I will and the other members of the BC blogosphere will also be on Twitter most of the game.

As always I appreciate your continued support as I try to juggle this all and the real world. Wish me luck and "Let's go Eagles!"


Goberry said...

Keep an eye out for the Hurricane. BC may have to wait a week to call a pass play on 3rd and 3 at midfield.

mod34b said...

The Weber State starting O-line is a meaty group; not so much for the DL:

TE: Brian Jankowski (So. 6-4 250)

RT: Kevin Halfill (Sr. 6-7, 270)

RG: Jiniki Timoteo (Fr 6-3, 300)

C: Tytan Timoteo (So. 6-1 300)

LG: J.C. Oram (Jr. 6-4 310) 2d team all american

LT: Caleb Turner (Jr 6-4 280)
or Tim Farabee (Jr. 6-5 290)

DE: Sam Fenn (Sr. 6-3, 240)

DT: Trevor Pletcher (so. 6-2, 240)

DT: Alofaifo Levale (So. 6-2, 310)

DE: Gabe Bowers (Jr.6-3, 260)

Dan said...

Wow it should be interesting (unfair) to see a 6'2" 240lb sophomore line up against a 325lb Tom Claiborne.

Montel should be able to pad his season numbers early with this one.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Some love for the Eagles from Kirk Herbstreit.

Big Jack Krack said...

When it was announced several years ago that the ACCCG would move to Charlotte for 2010, my dream prediction back then was BC vs UNC for the Championship.

I see that Kirk Herbstreit has chosen the sleeper BC to play Miami in the Championship game this year.

Well, we have to take them one game at a time, and I'm simply concerned with the Weber State Wildcats right now. While this opponent is not Ohio State, Boise State, LSU, Oklahoma or Kansas - it's a first game opponent coming all the way across country for a reason!!! The Wildcats want to make a run at their Division this year - and they will come out swinging. Let's hope they're not Appalachian State 2007!

Go BC - looks like it will be a clear day - get on the board early and often. Don't give these guys a fighter's chance.

Let's watch our defensive line and the wide receivers!

Dan said...

Odds Montel takes down the BC single game rushing mark (his) of 264 yards?

Eagle in Brighton said...
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Eagle in Brighton said...

I'd wager he comes close either this fall or next, but with all the carries it would require, let's hope it doesn't happen this Saturday...

Other then our lack of depth at WR and DL, it's Montel's durability that makes me most anxious as we head into Kickoff Weekend.

Dan said...

Yea good point. Unless he rips off a ton of 20+ yard runs, which is definitely possible with this mismatch, he hopefully won't see enough carries this week to challenge his record.

Better wager might be which back up gets closer to 100yds.

Frank C. said...

herbie is showing bc some definite love in his espn preview

eagle1331 said...

For all the crap BC gets about not sending fans or people or the band to games.. I love that they're flying in #94's nun-pen-pal on to the game on 9/4...

Eagle in Brighton said...

Are you serious?? I can see the 5 minute Gameday video with Tom Rinaldi voice over already writing itself...

mod34b said...

Did you know Weber State is not pronounced WEB-er State? According to the school's site "The proper pronunciation of the school's name is WEE-ber State" As in WEEbers wobble but they don't fall down. we have call them their real name!


I was just listening to an interview with Spaz. He was pretty funny. With respect to opening games, Spaz said "We always operate under 'the expect the unexpected' [standard] and in openers that's to be expected." WTF???

Spaz then laughed and said "I sound like Yogi Berra" He is getting better with the media. Indeed, he is almost charming. Jags who???

eagleboston said...

I have a small dilemma this season as my son's Catholic Football League games are on Saturday afternoon (I think it is a Notre Dame conspiracy). Anyway, I discovered that WEEI, the station that covers BC games, has an I Phone app where you can get the station streamed through your phone. I tested it at my son's game last Saturday and the stream came in crystal clear. Obviously, I want to see as many BC games as I can, but if I can at least get Meter and Cronin on my phone, I'm happy. This might be useful to those of you that cannot get ESPN 360 through your internet provider or don't the games in your area.

Kick-off in 5 days! I feel like I am 6 years old again and Santa is coming!

blist said...

That is a useful comment eagleboston - I was all set to go to the game Saturday but then got roped into whale watching in Gloucester with my inlaws. That EEI app will be great

Lenny Sienko said...

I would appreciate any strategies for those of us who do not have ESPN3 available and are too far away to travel to the game.

We have only one (1) local ISP and they will not pay 79 cents per user for their 1000 subscribers per month. ESPN3 will not allow individual subscriptions, for which I would gladly pay.

I understand that there is a method to log in remotely; but that requires a login code from the host user.

Are there any alternatives? Perhaps some kind soul can share on Justin TV?

Ryan said...

Try Go to their Forum and click on the college football link, then the weekly streaming thread. They usually have someone covering every game.

I currently use it to watch Philliese games out of town and am very impressed with the quality.

FitzP14 said...

My neighbor gave me his password so I can use his wireless for the game b/c he's got AT&T and I have Time Warner. If there's somebody in wireless range who you're friendly with, it's worth the ask. Most laptops have HDMI output to plug into the flatscreen too.