Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scrimmage notes and other links

Wednesday night was the team's second scrimmage. WZBC's blog and the Heights had good coverage both from Adam Rose. I always caution into reading too much into this stuff, but the good news was Nate Freese went three for three on field-goal attempts. Maybe we will finally have a kicking threat. The QBs also played well -- completing a high percentage of passes. The biggest area for concern -- Center. New Center Nate Richman sat out and was replaced by Mark Spinney who struggled with some exchanges. I think our line is very good but doesn't have the great depth we've had in some years. If Richman's injury lingers I wouldn't be surprised to see Claiborne move to center. This is's recap of the scrimmage.

Former Eagle Stephen Boyd was honored by his hometown.

Here is a nice feature on Herzy from this past weekend on The Herald News thinks Herzy is the key to the season.

The BC Women's Soccer team is entering the season as one of the top teams in the country.

BC continues to get the jump on recruiting future QBs.

Xaverian star Joe Colton has an offer from Duke but would like to go to BC.


mod34b said...

Interesting final note to Heights article

"Montel Harris four passes for 35 yards. Harris caught only eight passes all of last season."

a new weapon? Screens/swing pass out of the backfield, ala callender/ryan. Hmmmm. A new check/safety valve for Shinskie?

Erik said...

Summary of thoughts:

- Stephen Boyd.... stud. Tough as nails. Fun player to watch on a great team to watch. I was on one of the sites the other day and there was a random small icon jpg of football, but instead of anything modern it was Ivan Boyd's great TD catch in South Bend 1993. So miscellaneous and 98% of website visitors probably have no idea.

- Must have been a lot of plays in that scrimmage for DiStanzo to have 13 tackles, Okoroha 10, Kechley 9, etc....

- Glad to see Freese convert. Still can't tell who will be our guy, since Quigley was out yesterday and at other scrimmages & spring it was Sodic. I'm hoping (and expecting) Freese so we get 4 years out of him and Ryan Q can concentrate on just punting.

- Nothing mentioned about another key battle, 2nd RB, from yesterday's scrimmage.

Erik said...

Also, not to beat a dead horse, but Weber State as Herzlich's return from cancer.... Just got an email from BC saying they'll give me (and probably many more season ticket holders) up to 4 free tickets to that game or Kent St.

Obviously there are tons of unsold & unused tickets on top of all the ticket holders who go away for Labor Day weekend and all the ticket holders who just aren't interested in traveling to Chestnut Hill to see a 1-AA.

mod10aeagle said...

The Globe reported that Herzy was back in Pennsylvania for the next week getting a check up on his left leg (and probably also on his right foot). Without giving any particulars or naming any sources the reporter implied that the foot injury could be more serious and bothersome than we're hearing. He even went so far as saying that perhaps Spaz needs to prepare for a season without Herzy.

EasyRider said...

I doubt we'll see Claiborne move to center. None of it seems to fit. Body type is different than what BC has gone with at center recently. He's a load in the hips instead of the longer, leaner types a la Tennant and Richman. Also it spaces out our best blockers (Castonzo, filler, Claiborne, filler, Lapham), which has some benefits but typically coaches like to have one area on the line, in this case RG & RT, where it's almost a guaranteed 3 yards every time you run there. The chemistry between guards and tackles especially in a zone scheme is often overlooked. Lapham and Claiborne have played well together the last two years and I would hate to see that broken up.

Erik said...

Mark is here in Boston. Only went to PA for routine scheduled cancer checkup. Was not related to foot injury.