Friday, August 27, 2010

Why was BC so evasive on Dillon Quinn's suspension?

For some time now there has been rumors floating about regarding Dillon Quinn's suspension. Players joked about it on Facebook. The message boards filled up with speculation. Yet no word from BC.

When he was missing from the spring depth chart, people took it as confirmation that Quinn was in trouble. At the time, I asked BC about it and never received an on the record confirmation or rebuttal. Now, with the season a week away, BC finally announced that Quinn has been suspended for three games due to a violation of team rules.

You will never get an on the record confirmation of what Quinn did. BC -- and most colleges -- are very sensitive to student privacy. But process of elimination tells you what it isn't. Pot usually gets one game. Academics means you miss the whole semester. Minor NCAA infractions (like Rice's illegal summer league games) usually call for a one game suspension. Sitting out three is unique for BC. And the rumors have all been related to PEDs. But unless Quinn talks, we will never know for sure.

I am not going to scold Quinn. I am disappointed, but not naive enough to think he is the first or last BC athlete to use PEDs allegedly. (Bill Romonoski has been a PED poster boy and the recently departed Harold Connolly was a pioneer in PEDs.)

So I once again return to my initial question: why was BC so evasive? They could have announced the suspension months ago and made it less of a story. Now it will be a focus for the next few weeks.

As for what it means on the hurts. Quinn has reportedly played well this summer and we are thin up front. We should be fine against Weber State and Kent State. Virginia Tech obviously would have been a challenge with him. It will be that much harder without.

This will hopefully be a minor bump in Dillon's career. I hope that by waiting until the last minute, BC didn't make this a bigger deal than it needed to be. Regardless of how he got here, let's hope Dillon puts this all behind him and becomes a better player and person.


FitzP14 said...

If guys are joking about it on facebook, then I'd say it was for partying. PED's sounds way too serious for just three games. It's plausible BC's being evasive about it because they're fanatics about keeping our image as clean cut as possible. It doesn't take many crazy party incidents (that happen every weekend) to go public before a school looks like it's out of control.

Big Jack Krack said...

Sorry we won't have Dillon for VT, but happy we'll have him for the rest of the year, barring injury.

We'll need to get pressure on the QB, but still stuff the run. Sure glad Ramsey came back - hope that Scafe is ok, and O'Neal, Davis, and Goodman can make a big splash.


mod34b said...

Dillon Quinn is suspended until October. Given the rumor going back to last spring it seems to be a carry over from last year, not a new infraction

"Claver's" post here of March 17 re DQ being DQ'd is now all the more interesting:

Let me put it this way, the rumors about him [DQ] coming in are true, think Barry Bonds.

It hasn't been reported but I found out about a month ago from a good source and him not being on the depth chart (for absolutely no reported reason) makes it even more likely.

The penalty is 365 and I believe it happened in October [2009]

Looks like it was a one year penalty hence the PED seem likely

BCMike said...

Floating the idea publicly of PED use when we don't know anything is questionable, IMO.

Erik said...

I have no idea what it was, but I know that at FSU the guy would have definitely received two game suspension if the schedule looked like Weber, Kent, VaTech.

We've seen it a 100 times before.

Anyways I'm excited for next week. I know my usual large tailgate crew (friends and their families) will only be about half its usual size. I hope that isn't a reflection of what we'll see in the stadium but most likely.

When there is an empty stadium, I feel bad for the players, but I don't feel bad for the athletic department and GDF.

Kevin said...

I think BC's actually handled this perfectly. Who is speculating as the the reason a second string, albiet highly recruited player, is out for 3 games? Players are suspended for "violation of team rules" hundreds of times a year in the NCAA. I don't think the press, or anyone else is interested in digging up the reason behind this one in particular.

If you are correct about the reason (the speculation is bordering on irresponsible) then what good does it do BC or Quinn to announce it to the world a year ago other than allow some message board dorks to know their "inside info" was right or wrong? BC handled this the right way. Quinn will serve his penalty, hopefully learn his lesson, and all parties involved can move on.

modest34b said...

Hiding a problem is a bad approach to managing athletics and ATL should not censor his comments when the PED angle has been widely discussed on this and other blogs. What do u think ATL is? A hack for GDF and the powers that be. Good job ATL!!

By the way, compare BC's stonewalling with the current response at UNC.

eagleboston said...

My God, how many true freshmen are going to be forced into action due to injuries and suspensions? I really hope we can get enough wins to keep our bowl streak alive.

Kevin said...

BC is under no obligation to report the reason for the suspension. Just b/c people want to know (how many people beyond the message board community care?) doesn't mean it's their right to know.

Comparing the BC and UNC situations is beyond stupid. Its like comparing apples and hand grenades. UNC has a half dozen kids involved in improper benefits and academic fraud. BC may have one kid mixed up in PEDs. Unless Quinn was running a steroid ring out of his dorm there is no need for a mea culpa from BC.