Friday, September 10, 2010

Hockey schedule and other links

The Hockey team released their schedule today. The usual stops and dates are here. The circle your calendar game will be the home opener against Merrimack. That night BC will raise the banner on our latest National Championship!

Dave Shinskie is saying all the right he just needs to do them.'s NFL Draft crew think Castonzo is overrated.

Soccer America held a Q&A with Alejandro Bedoya.

This Friday Focus examines the gaps in BC's zone defense.

Could there be another Catholic school playing FBS football? Villanova is reviewing a plan to join the Big East in football. I don't know how they will pull off the transition given the expense of a team and finding a stadium. I don't think this will ever happen nor have an immediate impact on BC, but long run it might hurt a bit. Villanova would be playing in one of our traditional recruiting hot beds and selling the same sort of experience we sell to recruits.


harrow said...

Now we can all know 100% that Pearl is a scummy guy and some you wanted him as coach. That guy is bad news and now we all know it.

eagleboston said...

Maybe Howie Long could put some starter funds into Villanova.

eagleboston said...

Hollywood must be foaming at the mouth to get a script for the Mark Herzlich story with the Sr. Barbara Ann subplot. I'm thinking Matthew Mcconaughey plays Mark. Who plays Sr. Barbara Ann?

Ry said...

Mcconaughey as Herzlich is the biggest slam dunk casting call i have ever seen

Dustbowl said...

If u just base ratings on one game, then you can say our whole OL is overrated, not just Castonzo.

We need those guys to dominate tomorrow.

Tom said...

Anne Archer plays Sister Barbara Ann.