Thursday, September 09, 2010

Isaac Johnson gone and other links

The rumored is now confirmed as Isaac Johnson is no longer on the team. I wish I had a smoking gun to explain why Johnson left, but all I am hearing is that he doesn't like BC and wasn't thrilled with the depth chart or playing time.

This article on Herzy's nun friend reflects really well on Mark and BC.

More press for Johnathan Coleman.

Catching up with one of my favorite Eagles, Paul Peterson.

Ticket sales for the ACC Championship Game have been strong.


Erik said...

Even though it may not directly affect BC, it's really good news about the ACCCG ticket sales. It helps when the community embraces the game and buys tickets to support the game being held in their region. Jacksonville and Tampa residents didn't do much of anything to help the game.

Erik said...

Oh yeah, and Paul Peterson was the man. I'm with you, ATL.

mod34b said...

Another ex-BC QB is doing very well. Justin Tuggle is the star on the #1 ranked NJCAA team, Blinn.

Snippet: "Quarterback Justin Tuggle has thrown for 423 yards and six touchdowns while also rushing for 144 yards and four more TD's in the two wins. Tuggle was the starting quarterback for three games at Boston College a year ago. "

BC now (with Tuggle and Davis) is QB-transfer-to-star-U

eagle1331 said...

I'd like to see Petersen end up back at BC one day. Perhaps when Tranquill retires (hopefully the end of this season) and Day or whomever becomes the OC, he could come in and work with QBs or something...

Dan said...

Best quote in the nun article:

"When it comes to class, the Boston College athletic program takes a backseat to no one."

We get more love from the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE than our own papers

mod34b said...

The Herzy and Sister Barbara Anne Hallman article is a wonderful article. Sr. Hallman is a saint in waiting.

The last part of the article is particualry touching -- a 15 year old boy from NJ, Colin, a young athlete, has just been daignosed with Ewing's and he comes to BC just for an opportunity to see Sr. Hallman, who he knows about from doing internet searches about Ewing's and Herzy.

Colin and his parents meets Sister Hallman at the end of the Weber State game and Sr. Hallman, of course, opens her huge and loving heart and embraces the boy in his new battle with cancer. Go Colin, Sr hallman will show you the way, just like she showed Mark.