Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Recruiting news and other links

OL recruit Robert Trudo will make his official visit to BC this weekend.

BC is trying to get ahead with Michigan recruit Matt Doneth.

New Jersey product Antoy Alosi is waiting on a BC offer.

We are only one game in, but I am really enjoying the Johnathan Coleman coverage.

Here is an ACC basketball preview that predicts big things from Reggie.

The BC women beat Brown on Wednesday night.


Calvin said...

I can read stories like the Coleman piece all day long. Thanks for the link!

I think Reggie will thrive in Donahue's system. Not sure about the other guys though.

b said...

Note that the ACC preview predicting big things for Reggie is written by Jon Jaques, who played for Donahue at Cornell the past four years. Probably just a tad biased, but I hope he's right.

mod34b said...

I see Rich Gunnell got cut from the Chiefs. too bad. good receiver.

Aside from McLaughlin on Raven's IR (not actually on team) and Tenant on Saints' roster, I guess there are no other BC players from last year on any NFL roster?

Did Marcellus Bowman join a CFL team, and Brian Toal is in the UFL (las vegas)? Ryan Gasper with Hartfort UFL team. Any other recent alums floating out there in football land?

I wonder what Gunnell's plans are? Canada?

Dan said...

ESPN Boston has two pieces up today on Herzlich and the Kent State game.

Ry said...

looks like it wasn't just labor day keeping the crowds away.

Just got this

eagleboston said...

Is that link from Ry legit? I'm paranoid about malware and viruses.

BCNorCal07 said...

Legit. And sad.