Sunday, September 05, 2010

Second viewing thoughts and grade report: Weber State

The feature is still up but now posted over at Eagle Insider. Watching the game back made me feel better. The team did not play well, but still has real potential.


mod34b said...

Is it safe to now assume that "Eagle in Atlanta" is winding down??? Linking us to your preferred blog is no way to treat your readers.

ATL_eagle said...


I do my best juggling everything, but I am not winding down anything. One of the reasons I became part of the Scout Network was the ability to do both (just like my days with AOL). Some things are here (like the previews) and other features will be there. The second viewing thoughts are free over there, so it is just one link away. I appreciate those who have supported the blog and don't think I have soldout or put on the hard sell regarding Scout. As always you are free to read what you want. Hopefully you will continue to come here and there. As always, I am just trying to help the BC coverage and BC discussion.

-- Bill

Greg said...


Keep up the great work. I have actually expanded my BC reading since you started posting on the Scout Network. I am always amazed by people who go to a free website, and then start trying to dictate how the site works, or complain when something changes. Even if you were winding down Eagle in Atlanta, that would be your choice and I think most people would appreciate all you have written over all these years.

blist said...

Mod34b, you're so irascible first thing in the morning. Have some coffee before commenting. Bill does a great job, and we should be thankful someone does such good work that costs us nothing. I have no problem linking over, and would even consider subscribing to EI 'cause ATL does such a good job here.

mod34b said...

ATL. - I certainly appreciate your fine blog and the solid BC blog community you created. Bravo! You are a credit to BC and a first class blogger. And it's still a free country and you can and should do what works best for you and how you think you can reach the best audience for your blog

I am simply lamenting what appears to be a lessening of your attention. If the blog Master (ATL) pays less attention to the blog, the readers will drift away too. Such is life I suppose.

Eagle Insider seems similar to the ESPN blogs or Eagle Outsider. Very different than this blog. Interesting but very different feel I guess you might say this is a blog "boutique" and those others are blog "supermarket." To paraphrase the Talking Heads, I get all lost in the Supermarket and can longer blog happily!

mod34b said...

oops. "No longer blog happily"

mod10aeagle said...

There were two offensive mistakes in the second half that, had they gone differently, would've resulted in very different post-game commentary, in my opinion. Shinskie's inexusable underthrow to Momah, the tallest guy on the field, which resulted in an end-zone interception; and Andre Williams' second fumble, which was recovered by WS with under two minutes to play. Had Shinskie put that pass where it belonged (i.e. three feet longer) it's a TD, or worst case, incomplete and a chip-shot field goal for the Eagles. If Williams holds onto the ball, we run out the clock. Game ends either 41-13 or 45-13 and there's not much to whine about.

I would like to see the O-line take over a game like this in the second half, but I also understand the need to give Shinskie more throwing reps. I thought Andre Williams looked very quick and elusive, but two fumbles in four carries makes him a possible defensive back candidate. Coleman looks like he could be very exciting. I thought Herzlich looked a tad slow -- mentally and physically, as expected, but otherwise and on track to be the beast he was.

As for ATL posting elsewhere, as long as it doesn't require a subscription and the dialogue continues here, it's all good.

Dan said...

Herald and Globe are reporting that Skakim and Amidon are back practicing with the team and might see time this week depending on how practice goes. It'll be nice to finally see if Shakim is legit or not.

So far, I've rewatched the 1st half of the Weber game and overall I feel a little better. I'm by no means acquitting Shinskie, but I'm not ready to throw him under the bus just yet. He did look better than last year (maybe not drastically, but definitely better) hopefully they iron out some of his nerves this week. Marsco definitely needs to get more reps this week to at least be able to form a better opinion of what he is or is not. We also reeaally need Dillon Quinn back.

Walter said...

I agree with Mod10a about those two things really changing how this game felt overall.

Still, they can't be ignored because they did happen, no matter how flukey they may have seemed.

I was fine with the game. I don't think we can draw any really meaningful conclusions from it. I guess in some ways it's better that it's keeping everyone on their toes instead of giving us false security.

I'm sick of wondering which quarterback is better. I'd like to see Shinskie play better and wouldn't really care if Marsocovetra didn't get that many looks. We're not going to know anything either way against Kent State unless one of them is god awful; we may as well stick with what we know.

Kevin said...


you mean the Clash.

mod10aeagle said...

I watched a bit of the East Carolina/Tulsa game to see what Dominique Davis might have learned since leaving BC. While neither team seemed terribly interested in playing defense, I must say, Dom looked pretty good -- most definitely quicker than he ever looked during his short stint at BC, both in running with the ball and in his passing mechanics. I'm happy for him.

mod34b said...

Kevin, good catch. You are right. The song was on the London Calling album released 31 years ago!!!!

I am sure there is some equally angst infused Talking Heads song that I could have referenced.

Big Jack Krack said...

Atlantic Division looks a little tougher after week #1. After UNC almost pulled it off - go VT - beat Boise St.

Maryland, NC State, Virginia and even Duke are not gimmes.

This is going to be a tough season and we'd better tighten up some things.

I agree about the Momah pass and the late fumble by the freshman running back. I think we have the talent to improve every week.

Watching these big opening games, i can't help but think we're missing out.

mod34b said...

Go Hokies (for just today)!!!

Jim said...

Ryan Williams is looking fierce.

mod, you likely could have come up with a "Psycho Killer" reference if you'd wanted.

mod34b said...

I like it Jim!

I can’t seem to face up to the facts.
I’m tense and nervous and I... can’t relax.
I can’t sleep, cause my blog’s on fire.
Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire.

Psycho Killer
Qu'est-ce que c'est?
fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better
Run run run run run run run away
OH OH OH ATL How Could You

Thomas said...

Ryan Williams looking fierce? He's averaged less than 2 yards a carry all game! Now Tyrod Taylor is a different story... he's single handedly kicking some Idahoan ass.

Bravesbill said...

Even with the loss, Va Tech looks like it could beat BC with its eyes closed. There is no one on the BC defense that will be able to keep up with Taylor. The linebackers may shut down Williams, but Taylor will make BC pay with both his arm and feet. And Dominique Davis still throws like a 14 year old girl.

Ryan said...

I am not scared of TT beating us with his arm. He didn't do anything in this game to show me that he is an improved passer in any way. Combine that with a much-weakened defense and a non-existent o-line (Williams had nowhere to go) and I think VT is very beatable, particularly outside of Lane.

I just wish that Boise had to face some other elite team on the way to the NCG. I don't think they're nearly as a good as a down VT team made them look. And no, I don't count Oregon State as elite.

Jim said...

Yeah, I guess I overstated it with Williams. I just happened to turn on the game when he had a few nice runs.

mod10aeagle said...

I just watched the clip of Dominique Davis' Hail Mary pass in the closing seconds to beat Tulsa, and I have to withdraw my earlier comment suggesting some improvement in his throwing motion. Bravesbill is absolutely correct, he still throws like a 14 year-old girl.

mod10aeagle said...

I thought I was done thinking about the Weber game, but I guess not ...

Two biggest things about the game: Herzlich played and Herzlich didn't limp off the field after three plays.

Shinskie's first interception, on the first play from scrimmage: that now strikes me as just a really horrible play call. I think it's actually a difficult pass, particularly with first play of the season butterflies. I haven't studied the replay, but I recall thinking that Shinskie had difficulty seeing over/around his right guard. I'm not excusing his mistake, but I'm pretty sure he has almost no secondary option on such a play, which puts that much more pressure on him to go ahead and try to force it in there. I would've gone play action. Crappy play by Shin, but even crappier call.

Okay, now I'm done; on to Kent State.