Friday, October 01, 2010

Basketball overview and other links

Like many college bloggers, I always get so caught up in football, that I probably don't give hoops and hockey enough coverage during the fall. I will hopefully bump up coverage in the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out this overview from BC.

The hockey team will have some regular appearances on TV this season.

Because Rettig hasn't played a down, I thought we should look back at Chase the prospect in anticipation of his start.

Here is a Q&A I answered for NBCSports regarding the BC-ND game.


Erik said...

Good sign: Sean McDonough is doing out game for ABC.

Sr.Atlanta said...

I think BC women's soccer deserves some props too! Ranked #1 in the US and they beat (3-2) one of the top college sports dynasty's: UNC! Game was televised too!

Ever to excel.

Erik said...

Posting yet another non-basketball topic.... remember the pre-season rumblings about a 3rd alternate Gold jersey? Will that make its debut, which pretty much always fails miserably like ND losing to BC twice in Green, FSU losing to BC twice in Black, whatever the heck those Hokie things were against Boise, etc.

I'd be pretty excited to see Maroon jerseys and gold pants tomorrow.

mod10aeagle said...

That's awesome that the women's soccer team is ranked #1. I wish I had known about the UNC game; I would've watched that. Who's responsible for giving me the heads up on this stuff??? All the fundraising email I get from BC and nothing about this. Just for that, no check for you!