Thursday, October 07, 2010

BC-NC State preview

TOB...TOB...TOB. It's always about him, so it seems. A regular reader challenged me for being so negative of late. Maybe I have been seeing things as half full, but maybe the tough times are what drive us as fans and drive me as a blogger. In fact TOB was the reason I started this blog. After the Syracuse fiasco in 2004, I was so frustrated with TOB's excuse making and the media acceptance of BC's mediocrity, that I felt the need to start documenting things. But whatever frustration I felt with TOB was overcome by my love and passion for BC sports. A few days after I started the blog, Paul Peterson got carted off the field with a broken leg in the Tire Bowl. Yet he was still pumping his fist. Those are the moments that make being a fan special. So in a way, I owe TOB thanks. His failure against the Orange sparked this crazy journey. Now, let's hope this week he goes ultraconservative, losses the game and offers a respite from the painful football BC fans have been watching the past two weeks.

Overlooked storyline for the game: Dave Brock's eye for talent

BC Tight Ends coach Dave Brock was the guy who closed on Chase Rettig for us. He's also the one who got us hooked up with Dave Shinskie, but what some might not realize was that he was the one who discovered NC State QB Russell Wilson. Brock was coaching at UNC at the time and saw Wilson play. He really wanted to bring him to Chapel Hill but John Bunting had already committed to Mike Paulus. Wilson was then signed by Chuck Amato in a last minute commitment. The rest is history and Bunting has since admitted letting Wilson slip through his fingers was a big mistake.

Three Simple Key
1. Getting rid of the ball quickly.
For the fourth straight year with the third different team, BC faces a Jon Tenuta defense. He is not the DC at NC State but they have implemented some of his blitzes. This week Rettig (and his backups will need to get rid of the ball quickly. Quick outs, slants, etc. Since Rettig will be hobbled and Marscovetra showed no feel for it, I hope we don't use any draws against the blitz.
2. Keep Wilson in the pocket. Wilson is a dangerous passer but I think BC needs to let him dink and dunk. They need to keep everything in front of us and hope NC State makes a mistake. In the shootout with Chris Crane two years ago, Wilson made his biggest plays with his feet and on broken plays.
3. Breakout the bazooka. We've only seen our version of the Wildcat once this year. Last season Montel set a school rushing record against NC Stat. We need a spark and maybe the way to get our OLine and ground game going is through a gimmick.

Gambling Notes

-- TOB is 1-4 in this series
-- TOB is 8-11 coming off a loss while at NC State
-- Spaz is 1-2 as an away underdog
The current line is BC+9.5


This is the first of three games BC will play in North Carolina this year. That is the third time the scheduling quirk has happened since we've joined the ACC.

Scoreboard Watching

We need to win our game for any of this to matter, but the Florida State-Miami game is very important. If FSU is for real they need to make a statement against the Hurricanes.

I hope to see...

Our receivers make some big plays. The QB play wasn't good against Notre Dame, but the WRs didn't help by dropping some passes. I want to see them make those catches and turn them into big plays. Swigert showed it can be done.

BC is in trouble if...

NC State scores more than 21. I know it is sad, but we can't count on winning any shootouts this year. The defense needs to play very well and we cannot give them points in special teams or offense.

Bottom Line
I don't feel great about this game. But I hope that Rettig plays a full game and makes a difference. I hope TOB and Bible do some things that keep us in the game. I hope our defense makes a play or two that set us up for TDs. NC State is beatable, we just need to start playing better football.

Final Score:
BC 24, NC State 20


Sean said...

Can someone remind whoever is playing QB that Coleman is on the team. Poor kid never gets a look.

BCDoubleEagle said...

"So in a way, I owe TOB thanks. His failure against the Orange sparked this crazy journey."

TOB did not injure Paul Peterson, forcing us to start a new QB in that game.

TOB did not personally allow Diamond Ferri to rack up 141 yards rushing, and three TD's (2 offensive, 1 defensive).

TOB did not spot Syracuse 43 points.

And please spare me the "he didn't have the players prepared" line. If you're a BC player in that game, you know that a BCS bid is on the line. You shouldn't need a locker room pep talk to get you to perform.

The BC team lost that game. Obviously the coach is a big part of that, but to lay the entire blame on one man for an entire team's failure is absurd.

Not looking to reopen old wounds, but hey, you brought it up...

Erik said...

We've struggled on the road as of late. We had a rough ACC Life start in the state of North Carolina. And we've struggled on grass too.

Let's get of the schnide.

In a very similar course of thinking, how fast can we get the bubble up after the UVA game? In time for a pair of practices in the bubble pre-Carrier Dome? Similar features.

Doornekamp! said...

Actually BCDoubleEagle, I don't think he said TOB alone was to blame for that Syracuse game.

And yes, coaches do a play a huge role. Just look at how much different things were under Jags/Logan than under TOB/Spaz. They determine the attitude of the team more than anyone else. Maybe coaches aren't as important as all the players, but I would venture to say they are more important than any single player, unless that player is a special one like a Matt Ryan.

I predict a low-scoring game. TOB is due for a WTF loss, and we know how to defend him.
BC 17 NC State 16.

Emil said...

Mentioned, but overlooked compared to our QB/Receiver situation is Montel Harris. I would love to see him have a great game-- the rest of our season depends on that as much as our QB.

harrow said...

Rettig out for Saturday according to papers.

mod34b said...

"doubtful" not out.

mod34b said...

The return of Uncle Dave!!! Better than Marsco. spaz/Tranq aka Spanq, are somewhat rational

"     With freshman quarterback Chase Rettig stilled hobbled with a sprained ankle, Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani has decided to go with sophomore Dave Shinskie to start Saturday against North Carolina State.

Shinskie started most of last season and the first three games this year before being pulled two weeks ago in the 19-0 loss to Virginia Tech. After Rettig was hurt in the Notre Dame game, sophomore Mike Marscovetra went in but had difficulty moving the offense.

Spaziani decided after today’s practice to go with Shinskie"

CT said...

BCDouble, I agree...kind of. I mean, coaches are there to get you pumped for the games that don't mean as much...players should and will get pumped by themselves for the big games. But preparation and scouting are important and I remember watching that game thinking, "are you kidding me?" Syracuse was a bad team that year. There was no excuse for what seemed to me to be a lack of execution. Especially on defense. I'm sure the kids were pumped up, though. Sadly, that one was never a game.

Anyway, enough about the Syracuse game. We had two chances vs. VTech and didn't get it done, either.

It'll take a minor miracle for Shinskie to have the requisite confidence at this point to get the job done. Do his teammates trust him? That's the question.

I hope we can find a way to pull it out...but after seeng NC State vs. Cincinnati and GTech...I'm not convinced, unless the defense/ST contribute hugely.

As in, Dave, just hand it to Montel.