Monday, October 18, 2010

Grades and thoughts are coming Monday morning

Thanks for your patience.


Rob said...

My favorite thing about this blog are these posts. You provide us with this amazing free service that's better than any BC blog out there, while juggling a couple kids and a full time job, and you still post apologies and thank us for our patience.

Thank you for your great work, everyone here really appreciates it.

Big Jack Krack said...

Let's pray for Eric LeGrand of Rutgers who sustained a horrific neck injury against Army. I hope that he is able to make some kind of recovery, and that he is not permanently paralyzed from the neck down.

This is why I generally don't criticize players (coaches for sure). They risk serious injury every game they play. We have seen some serious injuries to our players in recent years - and I hope we can get through this year without any bad ones.

Eddierock said...

Rob: right on the money. Great job Bill. We all appreciate it.

Jack: Also on the money and a good reminder to us all.

Goberry said...

Re: Jack.

Was horrified when I saw the Legrande injury. It didn't happen because of a cheap shot, just an unlucky hit.
That is why I can't stand the (relatively) new rule allowing coaches to call times out from the sidelines. It has been used many times to get inside the head of a kicker by a coach (cough, Urban Meyer) the second before a ball is snapped.
Sooner or later, a kid is going to suffer a catastrophic injury on a play that "didn't count" because of this.

/end rant.

mod34b said...

I will say a prayer for LeGrand. good thought Jack. Boy, it seemed like such an ordinary football play, but it resulted in catstophic injury.

here is a the video

It is so sad, right after the hit. Legrand is on the ground and can move his head and look around, but his body went limp. You can even see as he falls, his arms don't move to break his fall. Shocking how immediate and devastating a spinal/neck injury can be.

goberry -- was this injury connected to a time out?