Monday, October 11, 2010

Maryland kickoff time and other links

The Maryland game has a 1 PM kickoff and will be on If we don't turn things around many of our remaining games will be on

This is a few days old, but former BU star Vinny Saponari is heading to BC. Vinny was kicked out of BU for a violation of team rules. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't like this idea, but Jerry York has certainly earned the right to give guys second chances.

Hockey shutout Northeastern in its opener.

It was a good weekend for women's cross country as they won the New England Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association (NEICAAA) Cross Country Championship.

Here are some BC related recruiting links from Eagle Insider/ Ohio OL target Anthony Stanko, Pennsylvania QB John Loughery, NJ Tight End Jack Tabb and NJ WR Mike DeTroia


Erik said...

BC chose 1 PM since we're not on TV. Late afternoon would be better for any fans interested in tailgating. And since the football product stinks, I assume all fans in attendance are interested in tailgating.

Dan said...

Ok I'm done.
Tranq goes tomorrow and Day gets promoted.

I was in my car listening to the Jets pregame show on 1050 ESPN radio. The three talking monkies they have on are ribbing each other about how their respective college alma maters played over the weekend. Monkey #3 leaves and #1 and #2 have an interaction that sounds like this:

Monkey #1: Oh I shoulda given monkey #3 crap for his BC Eagles getting destroyed by NCST.

Monkey #2: Well whats the point? I mean it's Boston College - do they even have a D-1 football team anymore?

Monkey #1 & #2: HAhahahahahAhhah


Rebuilding I can handle. Down year I can handle. Laughingstock = unacceptable.

EagleManhattan said...
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Dan said...

You are aware those are not our only recruits right Manhattan?

EagleManhattan said...
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