Monday, November 29, 2010

All Conference players and other links

Harris, Castonzo and Kuechly all earned all ACC honors. All were very deserving. Thomas Claiborne made the honorable mention team. My biggest gripe is that the voters ignored Donnie Fletcher. He should have at least made honorable mention. A healthy Albright would probably have made the team. I also think that if Spinney had been at Center all year, he might have gained more attention.

The Miami shake up is having an impact on BC's recruiting. Albert Louis-Jean, a Massachusetts native and one of Miami's top recruits, is keeping options open until the Canes get a new coach. He has visited BC and is still considering the Eagles.

BC still has interest in PA lineman J.J. Denman.

Jags is an early candidate for the Indiana opening. I won't get into my take on the Jags situation but BC guy Kevin Armstrong wrote a great feature on Jags this weekend.

This is a good look at our basketball team from the Indiana perspective.


mod34b said...

Doesn't Kuechly's selection as an (AFCA) All-American deserve mention?

Is the AFCA award not the 'biggie' for all-American awards? So what's the most prestigiuos all-American award? AP?

mod34b said...

The Jags piece is a real tale of descent and poor decision making His poor wife says she was "devastated" when he was canned from BC (Gee Jags, maybe your should have thought about your wife and kids, rather than your pipe dreams). Jags seems quite glum, and even predicts he will wind up as a high school coach.

But as to BC, and leaving aside the Jets interview fiasco, Jag's viewed BC as a springboard:

"In two years at BC, he led the Eagles to 20 wins and back-to-back ACC title games, drawing interest from two BCS-level schools, one in the Pac-10, the other in the SEC, about their openings then. He declined both"

I guess he was actively looking during his short 2 year tenure at BC. What a mixed up guy.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Kuechly's AFCA AA award puts him in some elite company. Here are BC's AFCA AA's through the years:

DB Tony Thurman (1984)
QB Doug Flutie (1984)
DL Mike Ruth (1985)
RB Mike Cloud (1998)
DL Chris Hovan (1999)
OL Paul Zukauskas (2000)
RB William Green (2001)
DL Mathias Kiwanuka (2004-2005)
QB Matt Ryan (2007)
LB Luke Kuechly (2010)

Big Jack Krack said...

TCU to the Big East and UMass to elevate itself to FBS - what do you make of that?

Let's see, UMass will try to build a new stadium at taxpayer expense, and we'll go from there.

How will TCU lesser sports like traveling north and east for half of their games?

At least the ACC teams are in the same time zone.

blist said...

What's weird about that Jags story is it just didn't seem he got much insight in Jags himself and left some weird anecdotes out there - why the mountain in his paintings? I get your dream's to be a NFL HC, but you make $1 mln a year, your kid's got a great situation at the campus school, you're not in the middle of nowhere. Poor decision-making.

If UMass is serious then that's 4 northeast schools thinking of going up to D-1: UMass, Villanova, Fordham, SUNY Stony Brook. They can form their own league with Buffalo and Temple and have a tie-in bowl in Albany.

mod34b said...

Blist -- Jags is his own worst enemy, so it seems.

As for the UMass point, you forgot a team: Uconn. When the BE implodes, these teams, plus UCONN, UNH and URI and Maine can form a great league!

CT said...

The BE is imploding with the addition of TCU?

Strange Jags story. Never did understand what exactly he did or didn't do at Tampa to get fired. Something weird about the guy.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

CT -- Is adding TCU to the BE a sign of strength or desperation?

I vote for the latter, but appreciate that you may see it as the former.