Saturday, November 13, 2010

BC beats Blue Devils and gets back to .500

After the game I retweeted my own tweet when I said "ugly but I'll take it." Nothing was easy in this game. Both teams gave the punters workouts in the first half and both teams had critical turnovers in the second half. Once agian Rettig's game was better than his stat line. Montel would have been the goat if we lost but he still had some nice moments. The D did what we expected -- gave up a lot of passing yards but not many on the ground. My big concern was how we handled the offense and the clock in the 4th quarter. Spaz did some head scratching things that probably won't get mentioned since we won.

But I am happy for the guys and happy for the win. Let's keep it up and run the table.

I will do my best to have second viewing thoughts up late Sunday night.


Dan said...

The pessismists are going a little overboard today.

Defense- Gave up 9pts and 0 TDs to a team averaging 27 pts a game. Not sure where the issue is there. The soft zone is very hard to watch, but IT WORKS!

Rettig- Best game of his career. Numbers were good and would have been very good if not for a few great throws that were dropped. You can also see him taking over as a leader on the sidelines which is great to see from a true freshman.

Spaz- I'm one of maybe 3 people that still like him.

Tranq- Needs to be fired. Nice to see him let Rettig go deep and the Amidon reverses are good in theory. However, in key situations all this aggression/imagination completely disappears.

This team is veeerryy young and minus some competence in the booth is coming together.

Are you serious? said...

I agree with Dan.

Also, for everyone that says BC would've scored more if not for the coaches what about the fumbles in the red zone? Are they the coaches fault? If you take both away and BC only gets field goals the score would have been 27-9, if they were both TD's the final would have been 35-9. Would 35-9 been enough? Did we have to score 50+ to make everyone happy?

Congrats to the defense on holding on at the end and to the whole team on the win.

Snuffy said...

CT and mmason are the best spokes-names to speak for the realist school of fan.

I look forward to them demolishing your rosy nonsense,

But Dan-O, you do know we are watching minor league ball here?.

Big Jack Krack said...

Any word on Ramsey?

I believe if we played to score, Montel's fumbles wouldn't have made any difference at all.

mod10aeagle said...

I believe I'm one who was labled a pessimist earlier today, likely for complaining about play-calling and for anticipating a possible late TD drive by Duke as part of an attempt to imagine what Tranquill would come up with for a two-minute drill comeback. Eh. Anyway, here's what I just posted on the in-game comments thread; I think it sounds about as pessimistic as what Dan said above.

"I believe the team is getting better. The players are executing better than they were earlier in the season. There's still a long way to go, but they're improving. Rettig's passing is still a bit eratic, but he's making some plays and making fewer mistakes. The O-line is still underachieving, but not as badly as earlier in the year. The D=line is overachieving; they've been a pleasant surprise, and the DBs are up to about a B-, I think.

Where we've seen zero improvement at all is up in the booth where the OC is still calling a dull, predictable game. This game, like every one before it, featured probably a dozen plays where you just can't justify the play call. I've said enough about going into the prevent offense with 10+ minutes to play.

At this point, it's the OC that's keeping this team from improving."

EagleManhattan said...

"I believe if we played to score, Montel's fumbles wouldn't have made any difference at all."

Exactly, the only reason it was close at the end was poor play calling the majority of the game, and poor coaching decisions in the 4Q. I feel like this is obvious after almost all of Spaz's wins over bad teams.

EagleManhattan said...
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EagleManhattan said...

Even with those 2 fumbles, it would have been 35 to 16 with an average coaching staff

Dan said...

BREAKING NEWS: HD calls Montel Harris "human".

I for one will not stand for this and intend on writing in to her mailblog this week!

Eagle77 said...

Our play calling unfortunately is not going to get better. Tranquill has come out and said that he will not open up the offense because he has a freshman quarterback. Check out the article from around 4 weeks back. He is a dinosaur that is predictable in every way. Take a look at the tape and the best our o-line has been, and the most comfortable Rettig has been is when he is in the spread with the whole field to look at and with great pass protection, but our coordinator has his rules that require him to limit the offense because Rettig is not comfortable with what he wants to do. How about doing what Rettig is comfortable with and implementing and expanding on that.

I am a Spaz supporter. People need to realize he has had to deal with an offensive philosophy change when Jags/Logan came along which caused TOB recruits to leave, and then a loss of around 7-8 Jags recruits who have left be cause they were not committed to either the school or program. Which leaves a serious lack of leadership on the offensive side of the ball. What drives this team is the defense which Spaz has been in charge of since year 2 of the TOB era

mod34b said...

I listened to the game on the radio today . Meter is brutal to listen to for more than 5 minutes. Brutal. Kind of like a high school nerd who joined the radio club and somehow got hold of a live mic. Yeeeesch.

This complaint can be filed under WTF wuz GDF thinking in making Meter the voice of BC. Uuuuggghhhh.

Walter said...

I actually really enjoyed the radio feed. Sure it wasn't the most serious thing, but I appreciate announcers who don't pretend to be impartial. If I'm listening to the bc feed, I want people that actually like boston college.

mod10aeagle said...

My problem with Meter is not that he's a homer, it's that he's an indiscriminate yeller. He has that voice modulation disorder thing that was hilarious when Will Farrell did it in two minutes skits on Saturday Night Live but is just unbearable over the course of a football game. An effective radio guy helps the audience visualize the action through tight description and a range of vocal cues -- modulation, pitch, etc. Meter makes everything sound like a train wreck happening before his eyes. He's that guy from the famous recording of the Hindenburg blimp explosion. Brutal is an apt description. Is he the voice of BC hoops, too? If so, I won't be listening.

Big Jack Krack said...

"but our coordinator has his rules that require him to limit the offense because Rettig is not comfortable with what he wants to do. How about doing what Rettig is comfortable with and implementing and expanding on that."

Eagle77 - Tranquill has denied us the possibility of finishing perhaps 9 and 3 because he is not comfortable with opening up the playbook for a freshman QB.

The man needs to retire again or be put back into retirement. He is a disgrace to BC's Ever to Excel principle.

Lenny Sienko said...

"Meter" is, indeed, the new voice of BC basketball. I listened to his work on the BC-St. Francis, NY game. It is clear that he has not done much basketball and will need to work on his cliches, etc.; e.g., not every shot which misses is "too strong". His descriptions are not fast enough for basketball. He will need to get up to speed for a different sport.

We could start a new gambling game with the over/under on how many times "Meter" will say "too strong" in each game.

I will miss Ted Sarandis. His distinctive voice made it easy to find the BC game amidst the audio clones who pass for radio announcers these days. Ted reminded me of Johnny Most, who I miss a lot.

Malcolm Huckaby is the new color guy. The BC Hall of Famer has an excellent voice and tone for radio. His analysis is still a bit general; but I expect him to settle in nicely, getting into x's and o's. I look forward to hearing more from him.

I will still miss Bill Ebben, who I thought did his best to give an honest appraisal of what was happening on the floor.

I would liked to have seen Ted Sarandis and Bill Ebben continue, with Malcolm Huckaby added to the mix for floor reporting, half time, and pre- & post game interviews.

mod10aeagle said...

Ebben had a child-like "Geez, Wally" quality to his voice that worked as an offset to Sarandis'bravado. Unfortunately, I always thought Ebben's commentary was pretty much on par with his voice. The fact that you miss him may have more to do with Meter than Ebben. It's nice to see a former BC player get a shot at the color commentary. Too bad Malcom couldn't get paired with a partner of true mentor caliber.

Big Jack Krack said...

Let's go BC - beat Virginia. I'm flying up for the chilly game.

Let's make it 4 in a row in spite of our "problem". Let's go players - you owe it to each other and yourselves to prevail in spite of Prevent Offense - especially in the 4th quarter Nyquil.

mod34b said...

Lenny -- per the WEEi bio, Meter has a full year of experience as a basketball announcer. surprising.

"The Weston native . . . was the color analyst for UNC Charlotte basketball for a season. Meterparel . . .is currently the voice of the Boston College Eagles Football Team."

EagleManhattan said...

ATL, you're getting seriously behind on your post-game grades!

EagleManhattan said...

... and guys, stop ripping on Meter! He's a loyal BC guy who deserves his shot at the top spot. He's shown his ability as a defensive coordinator, err, color commentator. We have to at least give him a few years (and/or decades) to allow his play-by-play skills to improve. IMO, he's done an admirable job in his short tenure. Do I hear a contract extension coming? I think I do! I mean, look what he's working with, this team stinks! How do you expect him to be interesting when he's got such awful talent on the field to work with?

mod34b said...

EagleMAnhattan -

Jon "Meter" Meterparel is not a BC guy. He is a 1994 graduate of Ithacca College. Although, he is good to BC and always has good things to say about BC. BC, of course, is his meal ticket too so it is a little hard to measure his BC bona fides. Meter is also the play-by-play guy, not color guy.

Doesn't Meter strike your as kind of dim witted? That's my impression. For college football, I prefer a calm and knowledgable guy like Bob Davies

EagleManhattan said...


You can't expect BC to attract elite talent. We are what we are.

Bravesbill said...

Ha, the sarcasm flew right over Mod's head there. That was a pretty apt and humorous comparison though Manhattan.