Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Could a football field fit in Fenway?

As regular readers know I've long advocated a Bowl game in Fenway. My arguement is that it would be better for BC than going to some of these other far flung destinations where we can't sell seats. I also think the novelty would attract some non-BC fans in Boston. SB Nation's Jon Bois took the time to see if a regulation field would even fit in Fenway's current footprint. Here is what he found:

View Football at Fenway Park in a larger map

It would be a very tight fit, but I think it is worth a shot. Like Wrigley there is no breathing room in the right field endzone, but unlike Wrigley I bet the Sox could adjust something there. It makes more financial sense to take down a bullpen wall when it is not made of bricks and supporting stands.


BCDoubleEagle said...

Great idea. If Boise can host a "bowl game" on its home field, why can't BC have one at Fenway? Fenway routinely hosts concerts and even hockey games, so why not a football game? There's even some neat history of BC playing at Fenway back in the day. BC could wear throwback unis. The place would easily sell out. There might even be beer!

Of course, none of this will ever happen. It's nice to dream, though.

DL said...

Here's an old photo from 1963, looking like that's exactly how the field was arranged. The bigger difference I can see appears to be the bullpen growth on the outfield side.

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

And the bullpen is only getting bigger... http://www.bostonherald.com/business/general/view/20101027landmarks_board_oks_bigger_fenway_bullpen/

Erik said...

Most of us have seen that old photo of Holy Cross kicking our tails in a football game at Fenway. That was the night the the BC victory party was scheduled at Coconut Grove and it tragically burned down.

The Pats played there (among a million other places) when they started.

Joseph said...

Back in the late '50s, BC played a game at Fenway. I remember very clearly that Billy Donlan was the BC QB. I can't recall who was the opponent.