Friday, November 26, 2010

First taste of Donahue

This was my first time I got to see the new Eagles...and I enjoyed it. I know a win makes everything seem better but there are some definite pluses to the new look and new regime.

The ball movement was pretty crisp. I know we won't shoot well every night, but the guys are pretty fluid and aggressive moving the ball. I love the tempo. I also was pleased with the minutes we got from Moton and Rubin. These guys we last minute recruits and showed today that they can hang at this level. It is encouraging and shows that this staff might be good at evaluating talent.

My main concern was the interior defense. A & M was able to get some easy baskets by driving to the hoop. We also had no answer for when they got the ball into the low post (even our help D was late). I don't put much blame on Donahue for that though. I just don't think we have the talent inside at this point.

I also worry a bit about the rebounding. With that it is not just a size thing. We don't have a enough natural rebounders and that will cost us in the weeks ahead.

One game doesn't make a season, but this was very encouraging. We play a much more exciting style of basketball and proved that we can beat


Erik said...

Two future Eagles

Andover is playing Everett in the playoffs, so it's Brian Miller's team vs Manny Asprilla's team. Only Miller is hurt unfortunately.

The Herald article on the Andover game says he had surgery two days ago. Hopefully a quick recovery for him to be ready this summer.

The only basketball game I haven't seen yet was the Yale game. So as long as I keep watching we should finish 33-1.

mmason said...

Today's game with Wisconsin also showed us that old habits, as Coach Donahue said awhile ago, die hard.

We blew the lead almost immediately
as the 2nd half began and with six minutes left in the half had scored less than 10 points, gave up the inside game, lost our crisp ball movement and got shut down by a disciplined Badger defense. Reggie is often great, but without the other guys making shots and rebounding, we go south. We gotta stay quick for the entire game--do we have the bench for that? When BC outrebounded UW we were in control...against A&M we made crazy 3's. The team has multiple personalities early on.

Oh, well, too bad. It was a good test to see A&M and UW back2back. Plusses and minuses up and down the floor. But the new system is a good thing. Alot less playground mentality, too. This staff is in the game.

These kids will get better, and the staff will get some sharper talent. The recruiting swing through California sounded very promising.

Go Eagles! Bang the boards!

CT said...

Nice heart shown today down 60-38 with 5 mins left.

Something about the enthusiasm from the bench which is encouraging.

Interior D gonna be a problem.

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Dan said...

Well even with the loss today you have to love being able to watch BC on ESPN 4 days in a row.

Hopefully we will have a strong finish to the football season tomorrow. With the D-Line playing pretty solidly and Keuchly, KPL and Herzy all peaking right now, I'd love to see Spaz/McG bring some real heat on their QB tomorrow. Nothing is gonna make a QB make some bad decisions like seeing the three of them setting up to blitz.


Michael said...

Missed the beginning of the second half today, so I will assume it was a total collapse against Wisconsin. Other than that it was a fun team to watch and thank goodness the flex is gone.

.500 in the ACC is a long shot with our depth, but I like what I saw.