Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mike London looks back at BC and other links

When Gene fired Jags, I wrote at the time that Gene should have hired Mike London or Al Golden before Jags even left his office. My point was either of those guys would have been good fits and liked working at BC. In this article London talks a bit about his four seasons in Boston and how he appreciated his first shot at the big time and working with BC players.

Here is more on BC's latest recruit Spencer Rositano. Although he wasn't heavily recruited, he seems like the type of guy we can plug into a few different positions.

Brian St. Pierre is hoping for a shot in Carolina.

HD gave Kuechly some much deserved attention.

Devin Mayo is another 2012 BC recruiting target.


mod34b said...

Kuechly name finalist for Bronko Nagurski Trophy -- Football Writers Association of America National Defensive Player of the Year award

Kuechly is the only sophmore on the list of 5 finalists. The other four are all from the SEC, except one from Clemson: Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers, Auburn DT Nick Fairley, Georgia LB Justin Houston and LSU CB Patrick Peterson

Go Luke!

dixieagle said...

Great news about Luke. I'm guessing that - especially as Kuechly is a sophomore and that BC's schedule is softer- one of the SEC guys will beat him out this year.

ObserverCollege said...

At 11:50 AM, dixieagle said:

"...I'm guessing of the SEC guys will beat him out this year."

Well, you know, DUH. Take the backup MLB at 'Bama, plug him into Kuechly's spot playing against your "schedule", and you'd get 20% more tackles this year.

Speaking as an expert on college football recruiting, yeah, Kuechly won't win. What's a crime is that he was even nominated.

Big Jack Krack said...

OC strikes again - LOL.

Snuffy said...
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ObserverCollege said...

People have gotten distracted from questioning why Kuechly pulled a Jeter in getting nominated for this award, focusing instead on Auburn's Nick Fairley giving cheap shots (as if he's supposed to do anything else).

People should hold a lot more respect for Nick Fairley. He was a mere 3-star recruit as an OFFENSIVE guard out of high school. He could have gone the lazy route and joined Luke Kuechly and the rest of the minnows at a place like Boston College. Instead, he wanted something more.

He went to JUCO, switched to DT, succeeded there, and marketed his skills and value such that he was able to take his talents to the SEC. After extensive negotiations, he entered into a 2-year agreement with Auburn University, and now sees himself as a finalist for this esteemed award.

What's criminal isn't that Fairley is up for this award; nowhere do "ethics" or "fair play" count on the scoreboard. What's criminal is that someone like Kuechly, a glorified walk-on at an Auburn or an Alabama, is all of a sudden up for this trophy. Plug in Auburn's 3rd-string MLB for Kuechly, and he'd have 20% more tackles than Kuechly. Kuechly gets to feast on teams like Clemson, while Fairley and his teammates have to deal with the iron stretch of Louisiana (Monroe) and Chattanooga on their schedule.

It's just no comparison. Fairley had a lot more business sense, and a lot more ambition than did Kuechly. He capitalized on that ambition, and is now somehow "equivalent" to Kuechly. THAT'S the crime here.

cwm2005 said...

Observer College:

Those five paragraphs really take you over 2 hours to write?

Hell, you already had your 20% thesis

Counterinsurgency said...

OC, I'm surprised you don't see what's going on here. With all the controversy about nefarious deeds going on behind closed doors with surrounding Cam Newton, USC, UNC et al surely it's obvious the NCAA is turning to its house "beard" BC to convince everyone there's no "tipping of the velvet" going on. Everything is as straight as an arrow. Look, the NCAA is saying, here is our handsome young fiance Luke.

ObserverCollege said...


Look, some of us don't lurk on ATL's blog for hours on the comments section no less.

Those of us who actually care about evaluating high school football prospects have to review lots of high school game footage. More importantly, we have to scrutinize video of combine workouts from the summer. Most importantly, we have to analyze photos of the prospects' shirtless physiques, running the pictures into our profiling software to measure handsomeness.

Aside from this day-to-day work, we constantly have to be texting elite high school prospects, their friends, their runners, their agents, and, most importantly, their Dads. Obviously, we prioritize those prospects' Dads who are also church ministers--as they have built a spiritual relationship with their sons' teammates who are also being recruited--leading for real value-added to our texts, phone calls and Skype sessions.

Finally, we have to go into chatrooms to discuss our findings with other recruitniks, post our results to our subscription blogs, and post teasers to customer websites at the various schools. You've seen some of my work in such posts as "Sources in Houston tell me...".

Obviously, this takes a lot of time. Now, I still find it important to interact with the little people, the "fans" such as yourselves. But if I take a few hours to respond to your post, surely you must understand.

ObserverCollege said...

@ Counterinsurgency,

"OC, I'm surprised you don't see what's going on here. With all the controversy about nefarious deeds going on behind closed doors with surrounding Cam Newton, USC, UNC et al surely it's obvious the NCAA is turning to its house "beard" BC to convince everyone there's no "tipping of the velvet" going on. Everything is as straight as an arrow. Look, the NCAA is saying, here is our handsome young fiance Luke."

Well, obviously. That's like asking a fourth-grader whether they've worked with finger paints before (except in the SEC's recruiting territory). Nevertheless, just because something is obvious doesn't mean it's OK--it can still be criminal. It's up to those of us who care about college football to protect it's drive for excellence from being contaminated by awards for the likes of a Luke Kuechly.

A33Jim said...

Wingback, receiver, safety, punt returner, quarterback and kicker? Rositano sounds like a swiss-army knife.

I wouldn't mind St. Pierre working his way up the depth chart and Clausen working his way down...

Knucklehead said...

Observer is mentally ill.

Watch this. Come out to the game on Saturday and don't let the white trash cross burning Virginia scum forget what happended during this game. Ironically Brad Butler retired last year because of a knee injury

EagleManhattan said...
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EagleManhattan said...


Now that you've posted about Rositano, care to comment on the slow motion catastrophe that is our backfield recruiting? Last year we knew we had a problem, and all we could pull is one moderately well regarded recruit and 3 flyers. We've known for a year that we were in emergency mode in terms of backfield talent depth (You can see it in the depth chart currently with Hampton Hughes) and we needed a couple talented players that could play NOW. Instead, its November, this coaching staff has lost probably our #1 CB recruit to Wisconsin, nobody knows about Gaulden, there's little to no other well-recruited talent interested in BC, and the coaches are panicking already; throwing scholarships at guys like Rositano who should probably be playing at mid-major schools (Poor St. Francis). With Fletcher graduating next year, we'll be starting Noel, Jones and Okoroha; everyone else will be a flyer. It seems as if we're aiming to start a backfield that's better suited to lock down Bowling Green's and Akron's rather than Clemson's and FSU's.

eagleboston said...


You are taking this recruiting BS too seriously. No one wanted Jamie Silva either. I'm thinking he worked out pretty good for us. Oh, and the nation's tackle leader, Luke Kuechly, he was just a 3-star and ranked 44th among linebackers. Yeah right. I'm guessing Luke is a 5-star football player and #1 2 years later.

EagleManhattan said...

I think you're missing the point. I have no problem with BC getting well-regarded moderately recruited guys that fit our system well like Kuechly. BC has a knack for turning moderately good players into superstars and average O-line recruits into very good players; however, we do NOT have a knack for turning DII skill players into D1 talent. Marscovetra anyone? Further, its fine to take a flyer on a guy when you know you have a reliable/experienced, if not more talented player in front of him. This has always been the case in the past, and its not the case anymore. We have absolutely every reason to be very very worried.

FYI, Jamie Silva was under recruited because he was undersized, not for lack of talent.

Ry said...

this interview with donahue, trapani, and jackson isn't award winning journalism by any stretch...but it is entertaining enough to take a look

Dan said...

Wow that interview is tough to watch. The kids clearly arent there for the show, just to eat. Donahue has a nauseous "This is an ACC basketball team right? Where are the fans? Fuck." look on his face.