Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More awards, draft stuff and other links

Kuechly is a finalist for the Butkus award. An interesting note in the article also mentions that the team is taking a bus to Syracuse. We used to fly, but our last trip resulted in a late arrival. Maybe they feel the bus will be more reliable.

With his health less of an issue, Herzlich is now thinking about playing at the next level.

Castanzo is rising up NFL draft boards.

In preparation for playing Matt Ryan and the Falcons, Green Bay reached out to Jags for a scouting report.

The women's soccer team is getting ready for their next NCAA tourney game this weekend. Here is a Q&A with the team's Chelsea Regan.


CT said...

Nice to start out the day with a win over Texas A&M 67-65.

A&M was 3-0 with wins over Alcorn St., Texas A&M Corpus-Christi, and Texas A&M International.

Clearly they're the best Texas A&M.

Next up: Wisconsin or Manhattan.

Lenny Sienko said...

Last year the Aggies were 24-10. They have ten (10) of their players from that team returning.

They have been averaging 25 wins a season for about five (5) years under Turgeon.

This is a BIG win for Coach Donahue and a confidence builder for the team and the program.

We wil have problems with our lack of depth with no rest for tomorrow's game.

Looking forward to Donahue's 6'11" and 7'0" recruits next year. How good can we become with more size and shooting in this system?

Walter said...

I hope really good.

I couldn't watch the game, but saw we got outrebounded a lot, which gives me some cause for concern.

I'm most comfortable with this team when Trapani is our leading scorer, but that said it's still early and I haven't had a chance to watch any games live. I just can't shake Jackson's inconsistencies from the past, even though, as the recap seems to suggest, he's our most explosive/gamechanging player when he's on.

Bravesbill said...

Jackson is pretty clutch and hit all the shots at the end of the game he took. He single-handedly carried BC to victory the last 5 minutes or so of the game. The concerning aspects of the game include the rebounding. They got utterly destroyed on the boards. Plus they need to close out games better. That foul on the 3 pointer by Trapani was extremely stupid. He's a senior, he should know better, esp. when BC has a 4 point lead! And let's not get into the defense that led to the blown layup to tie the game. Ugly. With that said though, BC was impressive in grinding out a hard fought victory. Seeing the way Wisconsin played today, a victory tomorrow for BC is not out of the question at all.

mod34b said...

Donahue v Skinner, shown by this quote from TAMU coach:

“It’s a fine line between winning and losing,” Turgeon said. “I just think Boston College was great. They were much more into it than our guys were. They wanted it a lot more than we did. We’ve got a lot of growing up to do.”

Raj said...

Chelsea Regan- BRidgewater Raritan's own. BC women's soccer to the final four is huge, hopefully we get this win over Washington.