Monday, November 01, 2010

Wes Davis's bright future

As BC fans we tend to project ideal qualities onto our players, even when we don't know them and they might not be deserving. That wasn't necessary with Wes Davis. He's the real deal. He's the type of man who makes BC football what it is.

Last year when the team decided to hold an Uplifting Athletes fundraiser in honor of Mark Herzlich, Wes Davis took the time to write me. He didn't need to. I am just another jerk on the internet (often ripping his coaches and teammates). But Wes decided that getting the message out about the event was more important than who the messenger might be. Having a strong showing for his teammate was more important. Fighting cancer -- in anyway they could -- was important.

His email to me was clear and heartfelt. I was glad to pass along the message. But Wes and the other team leaders behind the Uplifting Athletes showed that they are more than just jocks. They are thoughtful men, mature beyond their years. It was no surprise when Wes was named Captain this season. He's been leading this team long before he had the title.

I am sorry the Wes's career ended prematurely. He was a very good player for four seasons. I am sure he could have made a go of a pro career in the CFL or UFL. But I don't think that really matters. I think Wes has much bigger things ahead of him. The qualities he carries with him translate far beyond the football field.


mod34b said...

Thank you Wes Davis!

You are a great and exciting football player and a true gentleman who represents BC well.

And to slightly chide ATL, you were the calibre player (absent your injury) headed for the NFL, not these other leagues mentioned!

Good luck. Character counts and you have it.

Dan said...

Wes is a great individual and was a joy to watch on the field.

Wish him nothing but the best.

Erik said...

Happy to report that we're running an event this weekend which offsets immature behavior with a sizable donation to a charity. This year we're donating to Uplifting Athletes, and hope to generate more than $1500.

EagleinNYC said...

Bill - you could not have said that any better. I wish Wes nothing but success, he made an extremely intelligent decision.

I wish more of these HS recruits who preach how important academics are to them would follow through instead of just going to the "factories" where they float through and "graduate" with virtually no skills.

No matter what, Wes has a BC degree now, and in the real world, that is no small commodity to have..