Monday, November 15, 2010

Women win, Cuse on TV and other links

BC beat Hartford 93-66 in Conte Monday night. The women now improve to 2-0.

Our game against Syracuse will be on national TV! Who would have thought. The noon kickoff will be on ESPN or ESPN 2. This is technically part of the Big East TV package, but it doesn't hurt that both schools are playing better.

BC added VA DB Spencer Rositano to the recruiting class.

The Packers added Robert Francois to their practice squad again.


Scott said...

ESPN's write-up. Sounds pretty good. Video looks pretty good too.

Shanks is a big possession receiver with the athleticism and toughness to turn up-field for substantial gains. Has the size and steady playing speed for the wide receiver position at the major level of competition. Flashes punt return production; sure hands with a similar running style. This prospect demonstrates steady release speed; can gain brief separation coming out of the final break while showing the ability to use his size against defenders. Most of his production comes from bubble screens and dig routes; we see strong, natural hands capable of adjusting and catching out of the frame. This guy demonstrates very good body control, locating and catching high behind throws; has the ability to get one foot in bounds along the sideline. Although we would like to see more burst and top end speed this player flashes the quickness to make defenders miss in space; his over the pads tough finishing effort gets good RAC production. There is the need to polish his route running skills and if playing speed increases we see the opportunity to become a dominant inside receiver. Shanks' size, toughness and catching skills should lead to steady and possibly outstanding production at the BCS level of play.

mod34b said...

Keuchly is #1 LB in NCAA per Rivals. See HERE Very nice. Should help recruiting too.

Erik said...

In someways, the BC/SU game on TV makes sense. I would argue nobody in America wants to watch a crappy Big East A vs Big East B game. And nobody in America wants to watch a crappy ACC A vs ACC B game. But an inter-conference game is a little more interesting because of the measuring stick comparative angle.

Teej said...


Just for everyones knowledge. BC Tickets are aviailable on Groupon today for $15 in the Lower Endzone. Thats a crazy good deal.

paul said...

If you really want to know why Southern Football and the Southern football mindset can never be duplicated in the north, then check out this gem by a Clemson blog: Proper Fan Behavior--Display of Flags and Magnets

Ry said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

The Syracuse game is a Must Win for us.


eagleboston said...

Thanks for the link, Mod.

It's about time the best player no one has ever heard of gets some props.

Will he be BC's 2nd ACC Defensive Player of the Year in the past 3 years?

EagleManhattan said...

LB's should be begging to play for us with the Spazcushion in place. Essentially, the entire point of the defense is to give up the short field and funnel all the tackles to the LBs.