Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alex Murphy update and other links

The other day on Twitter I got a few people excited when I speculated that Erik Murphy's limited playing time might lead him to transfer to BC. While that was speculation, his younger brother Alex Murphy remains a real possibility for BC. Outside of BC, most of the other schools still on Alex's list are traditional basketball powers. But if the brothers want to play together, BC might be their best chance. And our new style certainly plays to their strengths. But let me restate this Murphy Brother talk is all still speculation.

On the football front, BC picked up another commitment. This time from upstate New York Safety Josh Keyes.

BC told NJ WR Mike DeTroia that he might get a scholarship offer late in the process.


mod34b said...

Josh Keyes?? -- the next Jaime Silva? Let's hope so. Guy is only a 2* and only had another offer from Temple. Even Syracuse, which showed interest, did not offer.

Team does seem thin in the pipeline for DB (ok DBs for next year or two, but then not much on the roster, unless recruit Manny Aspiralla is also a diamond in the rough)

Eagle in Brighton said...

Loving the OL/DL depth and the apparent talent at DL/LB of this class, but also am worried about the "skill/speed" positions(WR/DB/ATH). Hoping we can lock down one more solid speed guy before the class is complete (perhaps poach someone from Pitt's class?).

Galvin said...

I know we have Suntrup and need to focus on the skill/speed spots, but here's hoping that Spaziani takes another look at NJ's Don Bosco QB Gary Nova. He de-committed from Pittsburgh with the coaching change. I think we had previously offered him a scholarship. He's a pretty good player, I don't think he has ever lost a game while QB.

Ry said...

wild one at conte tonight...could have easily been Yale Part II. with the way Bucknell shot from outside. We made good defensive adjustments and pulled it out.

Reggis can score at will at times...it is crazy to see.

Lou said...

Stevie Weatherford, younger brother of FSU's Drew, just decommitted from USF and BC is one of the interested schools. He's supposed to be the most talented QB of the brothers but might have a tough time staying out of trouble.