Friday, December 31, 2010

Hockey ends 2010 on a high note and other links

In their final game of 2010, the Hockey team beat Mercyhurst 4-1. The win sealed the Ledyard Classic title. With the World Juniors wrapping up, the team will be at full strength soon and are poised for another championship spring.

Kind of a cool look at the development of BC Football Camp brochures.

Although our recruiting class is starting to fill up, things still look promising for Brandon Clemons.

As expected Don Treadwell took the Miami of Ohio job. If he does well there, he will certainly be candidate to replace Spaz in a few years.


Erik said...

Cool brochure. I see "8+ wins 2001-2009". Hopefully they get to update that part on the morning of January 10.

Psyched for football games today, but am really interested in the BC/South Carolina game. I really want to win so we can claim to have beated an SEC, Pac 10, Big Ten, Big XII, Big East, and ACC team this year. (A10 also is sorta major for bball)

Erik said...

SOS: 5 teams beat us. They're 4-0 in bowls so far (VaTech coming)
ND 33 Mia 17
FSU 26 SoCar 17
UMD 51 ECU 20

Bowl teams we beat are 1-1.
Syr 36 KSU 34
USF 31 Clem 26

Hopefully a good sign for Jan 9.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Today's bball game is on ESPNU at 5:30. You can also watch online at

Big Jack Krack said...

I was at the game - beautiful arena (about 18,000 seats) and maybe 2500 in attendance.

The Gamecocks are still in mourning for losing to an inferior FSU/ACC team.

More later maybe, but this was such a fun team to watch after the last several years under Al Skinner. (I didn't even like the flex when we were winning.

We move the ball and play a much faster tempo. We out rebounded SC and got a lot of buckets from in close.

Coach D is a good in game coach, and he actually called a timeout when SC cut the lead to 18 in the 2nd half.

I loved it when he cleared the bench with about 2 1/2 minutes to go - inserting 4 walk-ons with Dallas Elmore - Rehnquist, Kowalski, Cahill and Mosakowski. Not sure if Humphrey got any playing time.

It was a very nice effort by a team that has definite liabilities, but which plays a winning style and I think they believe and enjoy playing this style of ball.

This game was never in doubt once we spurted ahead by 8 points midway through the first half.

SC has some work to do.

mod34b said...

Nice report Jack!

Best wishes for the New Year

Ry said...

bjk, humphrey is a transfer from oregon and has to sit out this season, so no minutes for him

Kevin said...

With their win over South Carolina, Boston College is the only team this season to have a win over at least one team in each Big 6 conference.

ESPN Stats & Information

Erik said...

Thanks Kevin. I was extremely curious if we were unique in that accomplishment, but didn't want to do the research.

Erik said...

Great article on Wes Davis. The rest of the country can take their Cam Newtons, Tyrelle Priors, and Marvin Austins. We'll go to battle with guys like Wes any day.
His story is also a great example of why it is wise to go to school for reasons beyond football, which is what we're selling.

Dan said...

Well this was a great weekend to start the year. Hockey won their tourney, BU got shellacked, UConn took an epic beating on national tv and the B-ball team won big. Hopefully we keep the momentum going against Harvard and the football team comes up big next weekend.

Let's go BC!!! 1 more week.

Big Jack Krack said...

It was a little rainy, but 65 degrees at game time last evening. The temperature was 70 on New Year's Eve day - the Eagles must have enjoyed that.

It was great to see us drain 13 3-pointers yesterday. Biko looked great in sinking his first three 3's early. We shot 40% from behind the arc.

Those long range shots opened up lanes inside for some nice buckets coming down the stretch in the first half. It's great to see BC score inside based upon passing and speed rather than brute strength. That continued in the 2nd half.

We out-rebounded SC quite well and Trapani had a very nice game. "The extra pass really killed us" said USC forward Lakeem Jackson. That perseverance was the difference in SC's eyes.

Anytime the Gamecocks tried to play full-court trap defense, BC broke it easily, unlike during the Skinner years. Although we will face much tougher full court presses, it was nice to see how quickly we got the ball up court. It was fun to see those Connecticut moves by Trapani and those NJ moves by Raji - laying the ball in off the glass.

The scorers were Trapani, Raji, Paris, Jackson and Rubin - Southern didn't need to score - and is not very aggressive on offense anyway. Moton has some maturing to do, but he played hard. Elmore played a quiet 17 minutes and Dunn played only a couple of minutes.

Go BC beat Harvard and Georgia Tech.

Go BC - get tough and beat Nevada.

Let's go all sports - Hockey and Women's BBall.

mmason said...

BJK--great on site commentary. Watching the game from SoCal and jockeying to/from with the Rose Bowl--our game was way more fun to watch. The crisp passing and the actual in-game coaching, and the ease with which we inbounded the ball and broke the press and trap--you're right, BJK--no Skinner teams could do that and it was always a big problem. This BC team plays serious basketball, and if 'n when they learn to balance the outside shots with penetration, then we'll see even more great results. The D was pretty fun to watch,too.
Good win--now let's beat Harvard and stun the ACC. Go Eagles! Happy New Year, too!

Dan said...

I know it's not nice to take delight in others' misery, BUT, am I the only one reveling in the UConn 24hour trifecta of failure?

BCS pummeling on national tv
Star player jumps ship
Star coach jumps ship

I'd say it's time to go for the kill and poach any good recruits they have but in looking at their commits it seems Randy was already in full TOB mode. Small class and none seem worth stealing.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Hah, agreed. Finding the UConn implosion both hilarious/fitting. Hope they enjoy their upcoming decade of ineptitude.

Eagle in Brighton said...

With that said, genuinely feel bad about the situation at Pitt. Glad 'Cuse is back on the schedule, but wouldn't mind an eventual home and home with Pitt as well.

mod34b said...

Dan. U r right. Real crappy class at UConn. Most UConn recruits picked UConn over MAC teams or FCS teams, NOT other FBS teams. uConn is last in BE in recruiting.

Maybe inability to recruit is part of reason Edsall left.

I think he will be good at MD