Friday, December 24, 2010

Missing Mele Kalikimaka

[The following is a little history lesson for those younger BC fans.]

In the old days, when bowls still meant something, the college football postseason kicked off on Christmas Day with Aloha Bowl. BC played in the game twice and it was the prefect for us.

Why was the game perfect? Because it provided everything we needed and didn't ask much of BC in return.

We can whine about Boise or Detroit, but at the end of the day none of us actually have to go to these games. The player and coaches do. A trip to Hawaii was rare and a true treat. The guys got a unique experience and warm weather.

The game actually provided a showcase for BC. This was the first bowl game of the year and it was on ABC on Christmas Day. There was nothing else on. Millions of desperate sports fans tuned in just to get their football fix. And for BC fans it was great. The games were afternoons kickoffs, so you could open your presents, have a little family bonding and then watch BC. There was no juggling of schedules or figuring out where you were going to be for some random, midday weekday kickoff.

Plus we played real teams. In 1994, Kansas State was ranked and favored before our defense tore them apart. Like us, Arizona State squeaked into the 2000 Aloha Bowl, but at least they were a name from a power conference.

Playing in Hawaii also meant BC wasn't expected to travel. Few schools did. We just needed to provide a solid TV rating (which we always do).

Finally Hawaii just looked great and fun on TV. The scenic shots in and out of commercials made you feel warm. I wanted to hop on a plane after seeing Dan Henning in a Hawaiian shirt or watching TOB try to hula.

We played in the last Aloha Bowl. The official NCAA certification ended and was later replaced by the Hawaii Bowl. But the Hawaii Bowl is not different though. It is basically an extra home game for the University of Hawaii and is rarely on Christmas Day. Maybe one day BC will find themselves in this newer bastardized version of the Aloha game again, but it won't be the same. None of it is the same...I guess for Christmas I should ask Santa for an NCAA playoff with a championship game in Honolulu.


blist said...

And with more and more schools like UMass moving up to FBS, that will make room for even more bowls eventually. At least this year we're not the focus of the bad-ticket-selling-school story. That's Maryland and UConn.
Merry Christmas ATL. Here's hoping we all get whalepants

eagle1331 said...

A nice write up on one of our incoming basketball players, courtesy of ESPN:

Ryan Anderson
(Long Beach, Calif/Poly)
2011, PF, 6-8, 215 pounds
Anderson was Poly's best player throughout the tournament and earned tournament MVP as he made one big play after another. He has steadily improved since the summer and he has become bouncier as well. He plays the game with purpose and never forces the issue. He is a potent rebounder in traffic and his feathery shooting touch extends out to 20 feet. In addition, his ballhandling has improved and he made a couple of nifty passes in transition. Overall, he was the catalyst in a number of winning plays that changed the complexion of each and every game.

Erik said...

Merry Christmas everyone. Unlike our workplaces, we can say that here. Yay Jesuit school! I hope everyone gets cool presents, and more importantly, is able to spend it with friends and family in good health.

eagleboston said...

Merry Christmas! And thanks ATL for all you do.

Erik, I don't know where you work, but I have 2 Muslim employees who volunteered to work so other employees could have the day off. One of them even wished us all a "Merry Christmas!".

Joe Gravellese said...

Nice post eagleboston.

Merry Christmas to all and Mele Kalikimaka.

AlbanyEagle said...

Merry Christmas all!

ATL, thanks for all the great stuff all year, this year and every year.

It's easy to take for granted great free web content, especially when it's about something for which some of us have an unexplainable passion.

The fact that so many of us check in with every day - - usually several times a day -- is a credit to you, and to BC Nation.

Again, Merry Christmas to all!
Let's beat Nevada and set the stage for a big 2011 on the gridiron!