Monday, December 27, 2010

Pundits getting on the hoops bandwagon and other links

With the heart of the ACC schedule about to begin, the pundits are resetting their expectations for BC. Most see us in the top half of the conference. Even in a down year a good ACC performance should get us into the Tournament. Let's start talking bubble!

Nevada fans are pumped up for this game. This is going to feel like another one of our virtual road games. put together a cool feature for their All America team. Of course Kuechly made the team.

I get more and more impressed when I read things like this about Steve Donahue. Most -- including someone like me -- would have looked at the previous stats and dismissed the chance of turning some of the guys into outside shooters. Instead Donahue looked at their form and asked for practice. It is paying off.

I don't know what Herzy plans to do after football, but maybe he should go into recruiting (or at least sales). The guy is a closer.

This is an interesting report regarding TV ratings for bowl games. Ironically some of the ACC teams deemed to have the best fans are not good TV draws. BC is not listed as the biggest TV draw but we usually cause year over year ratings improvements.

Finally, a look at the bubble going up. This is cool but I still think we need a permanent, football-only practice facility.

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blist said...

All the comments from Nevada-Reno fans expecting a blowout has started getting me a little more emotionally invested in the game. Every fan I read of expects to win by 13-plus.
BTW, when is GDF going to get us commemorative posters to put over our beds?