Saturday, December 04, 2010

Run this town tonight

I will have more on the basketball team Sunday, but for now I just give them congratulations. They controlled the pace and scoring and overcame some sloppy play. Plus it was our first win in the new Garden.

The hockey team swept BU this weekend. Ho hum. Sucks to B-U.


John said...

What a great weekend for BC fans.Basketball team looks better than I thought (especially after the Yale loss) and hoping the next four weeks are good for football recruits.We have some good three(and yes) four star possibilities.

Ry said...

The brightest part of the hockey team's weekend, in my opinion, is the awakening of Kreider (4 pts....2G, 1A). He didn't really get going until after he played in the World Juniors last season but he was a part of our success down the stretch. Good to see him putting some points up. He has great speed and good hands...i hope he keeps it up.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Women's hoops beat UMass today to improve to 8-0. I believe this is the best start in program history.

Kevin said...

Back to san fran vs. Nevada

Dan said...

Off of the EagleAction game release:

"Last year's Boston College-USC game is the third-most-watched college bowl game in ESPN history."


Anyways, GO EAGLES!!

mod34b said...

Dan. 3rd best non-BCS bowl. See Here

eagleboston said...

Who would have thunk that UCONN would go to a BCS bowl before BC? Quite an accomplishment for a program that has been D-1 for only 10 years.

Will BC EVER go to a BCS bowl? Ever?

eagleboston said...

Kraft Bowl. I love this match-up with Nevada. I think this is a great fit for BC as we have a lot of Cali alumni and I anticipate people will travel to San Fran, one of America's truly great cities, to see this game. I'm seriously considering using up some miles to see the Eagles in person.

BCDoubleEagle said...

UConn finished 8-4 (including losses to Temple and Rutgers), ranked #25 in one poll and unranked in another... and you consider that "quite an accomplishment"?

Snuffy said...

Nice crowd at ACCCG. Almost SEC like.

Kraft not so much

Big Jack Krack said...

Attendance at ACCG was great considering the weather and that no NC team was in the game. It was a sellout (73,000) and 60,000 walked through the gates. The weather might have been 20 degrees warmer also - just it was just a bad night that won't happen every year.

If NC State had won (or UNC had the year it could have), that stadium would have been rocking even more regardless of the weather.

Several years ago I was hoping for BC versus UNC for that Charlotte game.

Congratulations to BC Hockey, BC Basketball (the men are better than expected and the women look great) and BC Soccer.

Congratulations to BC Football for playing in SF against a scary, quality opponent.

Congratulations to ND Womens Soccer - National Champs. I would have loved a BC-ND final, which we might have won - who knows, it could have happened.

Dustbowl said...


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eagleboston said...

BC DoubleEagle,

Yes, I think it is quite an accomplishment to appear in a BCS bowl and make millions, especially for a program that has only been in this division for 10 years. Do I detect a bit of envy? I know I am certainly envious of UCONN. I am also pissed that a 2-bit basketball school is going to the BCS before us. That sucks to no end.

Big Jack Krack said...

We had a pretty good chance in 2004 - but we had a coach famous for orchestrating WTF losses - ask NC State this year.

Congratulations to UConn - they faced a must win on the road and got the job done with a 52 yard field goal with seconds remaining.

They've only been around for 10 years, but the state of CT supports them. Many of the fans never attended the school, but they support their "State Team".

BC has no such claim to state support. I'll take us any day of the week, but congrats to Randy Edsall.

And now - we've got to prepare to beat one of the highest scoring offenses in college football and figure out how to score a few touchdowns of our own.

Let's seize this opportunity, BC - Ever to Excel.

I have already purchased my tickets.

AlbanyEagle said...

I suppose getting to a BCS bowl is a great accomplishment on paper, but really, how many times before has a team gone BCS bowling with 4 losses? Ever?
I think it says more about the imperfections of the BCS system than about the greatness of UConn.

BCDoubleEagle said...

"I think it says more about the imperfections of the BCS system than about the greatness of UConn."

Ding ding ding! We have a winner.

Speaking of WTF losses that cost us BCS bids, don't forget Maryland and FSU in 2007.

Walter said...


UConn is going to a BCS bowl no matter how you slice it - this is an accomplishment and one we don't have.

And as for 2007, if we lose to VTech in the ACCCG (which was not close), is a BCS bowl really going to take an at large Boston College? Maybe if it was our only loss...

Anyway, I think this is a great bowl fit for us and much more than anyone could have hoped for after we were 2-5.

BCDoubleEagle said...

There's a difference between an accomplishment and a reward. UConn received a reward (a BCS bid) that BC has not yet received. But UConn has not accomplished anything more than an 8-4 season with no final ranking in the BCS poll or coaches poll (#25 in AP poll) and with losses to both Rutgers and Temple. You really consider that an "accomplishment"?

BC had better seasons in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007, to name a few.

Erik said...

We would beaten FSU and Maryland with a healthy Jo-Lonn Dunbar and Ty Pruitt. But it's football, people get hurt and these things affect outcomes.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Right. Along those same lines, you can easily argue we would have beaten Syracuse in 2004 if we had a healthy Paul Peterson rather than a backup QB starting his first collegiate game.

Walter said...

The difference between an accomplishment and a reward is more a matter of semantics as you're phrasing it, Double Eagle.

UConn isn't Hawaii and they play in a BCS conference. Winning that BCS conference is an achievement, even if they did it with a blase record.

Honestly, UConn and Oregon are great examples of why the current system is flawed. No one is freaking out about the PAC 10 because they fielded the national championship participant, but they have 3/10 eligible teams (and four if you want to include scandalous USC).

The current system rewards overall weaker conferences where it's easier to go undefeated vs the ACC wherein it's very difficult. Pretty much it comes down to the glamor of being undefeated vs. the reality of playing an overall more difficult schedule.

Big Jack Krack said...

Walter - I was at the ACCCG in 2007, and I think it was a lot closer than the final score would indicate.

VT went ahead 23 to 16 with 7 minutes to go after a sustained drive.

The Hokies' defense did the rest, but not without some worried players and fans.

"Kam Chancellor made a touchdown-saving tackle on Kevin Challenger, then Vince Hall intercepted Ryan's fourth-down pass near the goal line four plays later to maintain a 23-16 lead with 2:16 to play.

The Eagles (10-3) forced a punt, but Ryan threw another pick (this was a desperation - Ryan trying to make a play while he was being tackled throw) which Xavier Adibi returned 40 yards for a score WITH 11 SECONDS TO PLAY."

BC moved the ball really well, "but we just couldn't get it into the end zone," Ryan said. "To win these types of games, you've got to score points, and we didn't get it done today."