Wednesday, December 29, 2010

URI provides wake up call just in time for ACC play

Riding high, getting national publicity, thinking about the postseason and then pow, we lose a tough game on the road. Don't worry though, there were still some good takeaways and lessons. I also think Rhode Island will be a decent loss when the season is over. I don't think they are a tourney team, but they are certainly better than some of the terrible teams other ACC teams have lost to already.


-- Trapani's improved shooting. I've been harping on Joe's clunkers, so it is only fair that I mention a night when he was hot. If not for foul trouble he would have had more points.
-- Solid rebounding. Rebounding can be a deceptive stat -- especially rebound differential -- but BC put up a solid number and generated some good second chances.
-- Second half comeback. BC was down going into the break and started the second half with a nice run. Those are the sort of momentum shifts we will need later in the season.


-- Turnovers! Everyone was guilty, but especially Reggie. Against a team like URI, which can score in bunches, that is dangerous. You hope that with a healthier Paris this wouldn't be an issue.
-- Defensive lapses. Based on the recaps, twitter feeds, and audio broadcasts, it seemed like URI got plenty of good looks. We also didn't generate many turnovers and had zero blocks.

This makes the South Carolina game this weekend much more critical. We need another nice out of conference win for our resume. This team has shown the ability to put losses behind them. Let's hope they do it again against the Gamecocks.


matthew2 said...

How bad is Biko's ankle injury?

Patrick said...

A few scattered thoughts on the game:

(1) Corey Raji missed the front end of a one-and-one at the 2 minute mark; absolutely killer;

(2) Not a bad loss at all. If Biko was able to play the second half, we would have won easily. Some of the offensive fouls called on Reggie and Trap were unbelievably bad calls and really screwed BC out of four or five key possessions in the second half. If any of those calls go the right way, we win easily.

(3) Absolutely inexcusable that a game against URI is not on television in the Boston area. I don't know what in the hell we pay Fenway Sports Group for...but Cox Cable of Rhode Island paid to televise and produce the game; NESN could have put it on for next to nothing; but instead it chose to play re-runs of nationally syndicated sports interview shows. I mean, that's a total joke and is typical of the lack of attention that the Athletic Department pays towards marketing its product.

eagle98alum said...

I was at the game tonight. Once
Biko went down BC really struggled
controlling the ball. His injury
looked harmless as he just
landed on another Eagle after grabbing a rebound. Donahue had
to give Moton significant minutes
and although Moton did have 8 points he struggled with the
pressure, making some very careless
passes. Despite having Biko out
Trapani in foul trouble, and
our usual thin bench, we had
a chance to win. all you can ask
for. team plays hard and I agree
with Bill, that this loss won't
kill our tourney hopes. we
need to beat Harvard and steal
a win vs South Carolina on Saturday

Bravesbill said...

It's not often when you shoot 22-45 from the field, 9-13 from the line,50% from behind the arc, and outrebound your opponent and still lose.

BCDoubleEagle said...

When we score 68 or more, we are 10-0.

When we score less than 68, we are 1-3.

Big Jack Krack said...

For any South (or North) Carolina alums thinking of attending the BC-SC game this Saturday - I now have 6 additional game tickets donated by my SC friends to share with BC alums. Columbia is an easy ride from Charlotte.

Let me know, and we can meet at the front door or someplace.

ballgame said...

Was actually at the game. BC lost this game in about a 10 minute stretch in the first half where the team really seemed to revert to last year's bad habits (ball handling, bad shots, uncertainty, etc). BC went from I think an 8 point lead to a 16 point deficit during this time. That bad stretch has thankfully been missing for the most part this year whereas last year it would happen virtually every game.

Despite this, I was impressed with how the team really fought back. There were three big plays late that could have turned this game very easily:

- URI's block from behind of a BC breakaway layup that I think would have put BC up 1 (I still insist this was a goaltend)
- BC had a defensive rebound between Reggie and Danny (I think), it bounced off of them and right into the hands of a URI player. URI then hit a three (Bad luck)
- last two minutes BC inbound, one of URI's big men jumps in and picks off the inbound pass while Moton (I think) watched

The officiating was horrendous. There really seemed to be a double standard on traveling and fouls. Plus they missed an improper shot clock reset at a crucial point in the game (when Southern was called for his 4th). I'm not saying it's the reason BC lost, but it sure made things harder

Scary thing is, Reggie's last second-shot was actually pretty close to going in.

Bravesbill said...

I will be at that game Saturday BJK. I'm bringing a small contingent with me.

BCDoubleEagle said...

women's hoops won tonight to improve to 12-1.

men's hockey also won.